Just got the books and getting reday to blast off Investor Partner needed

Just got the books and getting reday to blast off Investor Partner needed

I just got both books and the special report in the mail today. I agree wholeheartedly with the belief that we are near the bottom of the real estate market in the san jose san francisco market. I am looking fr investors with cash to partner up on the upcoming deals. I did my first no money deal way back in 1981 at the age 21 with no job and attendding UC Berkeley. Bought a house from a probate sale , owner carry financing at low rate and a small down payment which i put on my college credit cards. Put in new kitchen and bath , recarpeted and painted inside and out and put it up for rent,.Kept the house for several years with positive cash flow until I sold it to go in business with my brother in a very successful restaurant that we opened. I think 2010 is similar to the markets of the late 80s and that many of the same techniques that worked then will work now again. Deans own technique perfection wil be helful in building a wealth in real estate. Investors with cash and investors with 710 or better credit scores needed to grow faster but jut as carefully. Currently do own a commercial building, residentai rental with room for second unit to be added and a lease option to buy on a large Spabsih Colonial mansion with 44 acres of farmland at the intersections of highways 101 and 25. In business with my brother in a winery and gourmet food business as well as real estate. We are looking to make deals happen this winter when a lot of foreclosures willbe coming on the market and when the real estate market as a whole willbe very very SOFT due t business cycles and economic strains.


Great! Can't wait to see


Can't wait to see what kind of deals you come up with!

Welcome to the DG family!!

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I ordered the books a week ago. Have not received them yet, but have been going thru the posts in different categories to see what is going on. It seems that a lot of the posts are over a year old, and I am wondering if these people still exist. Is there a current list of active participants? Can I give out my email to allow current information swaps/questions?

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Hi there, my name is Natalie, I ordered my books and they have finally arrived in Canada, only to pay addition charges for duty $27.00 so in total I will have paid $70.00. anyway I saw your msg and yes I agree too its all older msgs..

Im not sure perhaps its only me, but I feel like this is overwhelming and really no support or anyone to ask for help. Im in Canada and not even sure if this will work here.

Have you received your order yet?

Talk to you soon!


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