Siana and Co Journal

Siana and Co Journal

Its been approximately 2 months since we saw Deans Infomercial where he is driving his car. Neither one of us have ever been huge on infomercials but at 3, or was it 4, in the morning there really isn't a whole lot on the tube so I watched it while my other half happily played a computer game listening to the TV in the back ground.

Needless to say Dean got our attention, real estate is something we both have been interested in our entire lives. We started talking about the infomercial and the possibility of actually starting our dream of being real estate investors NOW rather than 10+ years down the road when we have everything in order bla, bla bla...

Those two weeks waiting for pay day to come so we could place our book order were filled with some mighty big dreams! The very idea of becoming investors NOW had lit a fire under us! It became just about the only thing we talked about!

After placing our orders for Profit From Real Estate Right Now (PFRERN) and Be A Real Estate Millionaire (BAREM)we had about 10 days maybe 12 before the books would arrive. The anticipation of those books was very much like the final month of waiting before my first child arrived LOL. Rather than sit around twiddling our thumbs, we used that time to look up DG and started learning everything we could.

Being the risk taking action person I am I jumped right into DG! I wanted to completely absorb every single little thing I possibly could on the subject!

In fact a day in my life usually starts around 4 or 5am before that first sip of coffee I am researching, taking notes, copy and pasting and just educating myself to the very best of my ability. I use the time my boyfriend is at work to work on our investment business. That means I put in anywhere between 5 to 10 hours a day researching, studying, asking questions, and LEARNING.

For some that may seem grueling but for me, well I enjoy it very much. Learning new things has always fascinated me. Not to mention I LOVE computers so spending a lot of hours on a computer doesn't bother me at all. In fact I often lose track of time and if it wasn't for my boyfriend I would probably keep at it forgetting to eat or do anything else for that matter. (thank you darling)

Doing all that research you would think I'd be a master on the subject of Investing but LOL! I am faaaar from that! Just a newbie struggling to learn so she doesn't look like a nin-com-poop when talking to people who really know all about this business. Even so I'm not afraid of sounding or looking silly, in fact I am not even afraid of failing. I figure if the first few deals don't happen then I just gotta look at what I did wrong and do it right the next time. I REFUSE TO EVER GIVE UP ON THIS!

That will to keep going no matter what is what I believe will get us SUCCESS!

Now that I have taken you through our waiting period and how we spent our time allow me to bring you up to date.

We have had a couple of potential deals come our way but for one reason or another they fell through and we are currently building our Power Team.

We have had to face a lot of obstacles the biggest one being MONEY and the lack of it. Right now just finding the extra money to order business cards is difficult for us! I mention that because I know we are going to succeed in this business and anyone else out there wondering just how they are going to get there when they are pathetically broke take a page from us and just DO IT.

Back to building our team...

I copied Matt Larson's letter on page 114 of PFRERN then after reading it 100 times or so how to change it to better fit our needs started to dawn on me. I then set about looking up places on the Internet that would allow me to post our letter advertising for a realtor for FREE.

While looking for those sites I found a wealth of information. I am not going to list all that information here but I mention it so that others will remember to keep their eyes open for anything and everything while doing whatever step you are taking to becoming a Real Estate Investor.

I have since changed that original letter in order to fit in ads where I was only allowed to use 250 characters, create a flier that could be hung up, emailed, faxed or whatever. Remember the letter is just an EXAMPLE you could use it the way it is but I think if you try a little you will see how to change it to better fit your needs.

We have had a few responses to our ads, probably because I stuck them up in so many places someone just HAD to see them and contact us! In addition to that I did a search on Craigs list looking at homes that were by a Realtor or broker only. I started paying close attention to the ads, how they looked what made me think one was better than the other in addition to checking out realtor web sites.

I revamped the letter once again and started sending it to realtors using the 'contact us' form on their sites.

Currently we have found someone who sounds like our ideal realtor. There is still a lot we need to do before making that decision and I will post those steps we take here as we get them done.

For now though that's, that! the beginnings of our Real Estate Investment careers!! Every time I say that I feel super charged! Heres to dreams and Living them!


You can't save the world but you can offer a hand up to a few along your way.

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