Staying money motivated...

Staying money motivated...

It's been a crazy year. In fact its been the worst year, yet perhaps the best depending on how you look at it. Like anybody else iv'e had some rough times, my little brother passed away last July, im going through divorce, I was thrown in jail and am fighting a **** charge right now which is costing me thousands. On top of that my credit score fell, and my beautiful cadillac needs a $4,000 repair. Not to mention my other car was nearly totalled a few months back.

Yes sir, its been hectic and theres been tragedy. But none the less these are the times in life that make or break a person. The choice is yours, Ive had alot of set backs but havent lost focus of my financial goals through real estate.

There was a reason why right after I bought deans books after first seeing the info mercial last November I acquired my first real credit card the same month and then enrolled in the PMI program. I dont think it was accident. Im about 15 days away from getting my LLC started now, its been a slow process but none the less its happening.


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