Postive thinking

Postive thinking

Today I ws going through a number of things wondering if I can do the foot work to get started to find buyers for Propertys.
i been on line searching Tax propertys,liens sending out Emails for information on how to get these propertys.
Day one i set goals for myself that one Year from now I will be in a better please,I been in a accident on the job which almost cost me my life to where the bones on the left side of my face been crashed.

Today i thought caN I do this an wat Avenue can I take to start inmvesting and making this come alive and i would like to start with myself in about 3 Months form now I would like to do the NO MONEY Down option to Purchase for myself so I can own my own First property for me and my family.

How can I make this happend I need some feed back on this,I found one property I am trying to find out who owns it.
Thank you or your time and patience


Finding Buyers

I listened to the Recording with Dean and Jeff it has been very inlighting for me,I have the time but yet I am still search for the rightavenue to take to make this work for me.

what would you do I need in put for a new commer like myself when all esle fails righ now there is nofalures for me,I guess I will keep searching and place some ads.


Congrats for having the courage to move forward with your life.

Have you purchased Dean's books? They have a wealth of info on how to start looking for homes to purchase with little or no money of your own. Also look at some of the forums that are geared toward helping newbies.

You may also want to contact the academy for guidance.

Another resource is the 30 day fast start audio to your left.

Hope that helps.


First, congrats on getting started in real estate! There are a number of options you can look for with no money down strategies. I agree with the above post, that your first step will be gaining as much knowledge as you can. The best source of information would be Deans books, and the many posts on this site. You can use the search bar at the top to narrow things down. You have to get a good base of knowledge in order to decide which strategy will work best for you. As far as finding out who owns a property you may be interested in - check your city tax sites. That is public information and will provide you with lot size, taxes, etc. So be a smart investor and arm yourself with knowledge first. Keep us posted as you go!

Postive thinking

Thank you for the information so fr i tried all of these so I will try again
Especially the academy for more guidance.
This is what i truly need wright now some guidance to move frward

Thinking Postive

to find the owner of that property go to the property taxes and put the address in and you can get the owner name. Dean and Jeff tell you to build your buyer list first and your A team. you need that list to make its work for you. But on a postive note we has had some people do it without a buyer list. Go for it Good Luck




May each day get better

Postive thinking


thank you for the information I will try that looking under propertytaxes I do have the address its a good thing I asked for help hank you I will give you an update I have a lot of work to do , I Emailed a lending company on line live chat that is I was told there is no such thing as 100% financing you believe that I was asked where was I the Last two years have I seen the News boy that was really funny to me.
this is where the Nay sayers come in oh well I cought something to prove to keep on moving no one said it will be easy .

I just have more work to do thanks angie

Deans book

Yes I have purchased his book it is very informative its like holding a gold mind day by day I try something different the 30 fast start and so on looking for deals
surffing the web among other things ,soon something will open up for me I can not give up nothing will happend unitl i try and give it my best.


Congratulations on taking the step in real estate investing. You may want to make ita goal to call 10 people a day who are selling their homes. This will help you get comfortable with talking with people and setting up your deals.


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
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