Dont Know what to do

Dont Know what to do


As you know (if you have read previos blogs) and if you do not know Im new to this completely. I am trying not to get discouraged but unfortunately, it doesnt seem to be working out that way.

My attempt to find buyers seem to be complicated. Especially cash buyers. Ive been looking strolling craigslist in my local area and found several homes by owner well below fmv (or handy man specials) which was ok. Several of which are posted by the same person over and over again that seems to have been posted for long periods of time bc daily I look at these properties and they are still there as fsbo with slogans like "Investors delight" or some other slogans. Not to mention at Walmart today, I noticed the same guys number on bandit signs there and all over the city and so on. So Im thinking that he is a guy that has several properties that he just wants out of his hands.. Alright, great I thought.

So I started Google searching for REI in my area that maybe I could do biz with to assist the person above to get these properties sold. There are not many real estate investment groups apparently in my area. The one that did show up, I thought "Well at least theres one."

Unfortunately, when I began looking at the people who are apart of this group, I realized, this guy is one of them. I went then directly to his website and hurtfully his website stated "If you are a new investor, broke, have read a Carlton Sheets at home course, or dont know what you are doing, please go away." I was offended but even moreso, it was nearly true. What am I suppose to do? I havent given up hope but with so few cash buyers (investors) or even retail buyers calling into my tf#, I dont know what to do next. I dont want to sound like a complainer or as if Im giving up. But as I explained bf, there is alot of competition in my city and I have at least tried everything that I read from placing bandit signs/flyers (only to see a week later that they have been taken down) or no one has called in anyways. I just dont know what to do.. Can someone offer some assistance on what I should try next?


I'm Cash Buyer

Find me properties in Southern California and we'll close as many deals as you can find.

PM if anyone has anything to offer.


Please don't be discouraged and don't let this person stop you from joining the REI group. Go meet people, mix, mingle and get your name out in the group.

Are you still running ads on CL? Sometimes our ads get nothing at all and other times we get several responses. It seems to be hit or miss but worth it.

Don't let anyone else steal your dreams. This is YOUR life and you deserve success!

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Thank You much for your

Thank You much for your input. I will continue to post ads on craigslist and try to give up so soon..


you are doing better then i'm...i dont even know where to start. Like i said before i dont know what a buyer list is...i thought since I'm the one looking for property i was the buyer. To tell you the truth i'm about to give up. Good luck..


Please dont post my hold name out there.


One way of looking at it is you picked up a grain of sand on the beech that did not meet your expectations. Drop that one and and move to the next as there are many to pick from. There are many posts on Dean's site with great ideas for finding buyers like going to auctions. Do some research here which will help build your confidence. Good luck


Hello! It is sad that sometimes people forget that they were new once too. Don't let one person change the outcome of your life. Keep that detemination and go for it.

Just go to the REI meeting and start getting known out there.
At the REI meeting go up to the guy, introduce yourself and give him one of your cards. Now when you call him to talk to him about his houses, he will know who you are. What a sure fire way to let him know you know what you are doing.

Good Luck
Carpe Diem


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At the beginning, its EASY to get discouraged.

You need to use that negative energy from these people and use it as a motivator !!
Let it motivate you and drive you to succeed. In other words , prove them wrong ..

Misery loves company , but don't join the party.

Happy 2010 !


Buyers list

Arlene ,

You will be building a buyers list of people to assign your contracts to or to flip to in a double close.

In the assignment case , the buyer will replace you at close .

In the double close case , you buy the home from the seller and then in a separate close , the end buyer ( from your list ) will then buy that home from you at a profit.

Like I told Missie , Do not give up ever !!

Happy 2010 !



Please don't give up too quickly! It takes time to establish yourself, and this ONE investor isn't the only one in town. Don't sell yourself short or fall victim to the downgrading demeanor of this guy. He is not your gauge of success or failure! Focus on your advertising first, get your name out there, and don't limit yourself to just one place. If you google, there are several places online to post free ads to explore. Just google "free rental listing" or "free classified ads". YOU can DO this, but you may need to try over and over and over again. The start is the hardest part. Get some business cards for yourself from VistaPrint (They give you 250 and you pay only for shipping) (there may be other sites out there as well.)

Go to the REI club; this guy doesn't know you and isn't the only one there. Be personable, likable and honest. Build a positive rapport and dedication and let everyone there know you are SERIOUS and you are going to go the mile to get involved. YOU CAN DO IT, and you WILL. Rome wasn't built in a day, and it will take some time, but keep with it; you will prevail!


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REI Group

What exactly goes on at a REI group? I'm new to the program too and I have no idea what to expect at one. Could someone enlighten me?

Like Everything Else

It needs time to cultivate. A tree does not give fruit until it matures. Whether you like it or not, if you do something over and over you're bound to get better at it.

Just like they said......

Hey Missie,

Just to let you know I am new to the REI as well, but I will say this. You mentioned that there is a lot of competition out there where you are at. I would try not to look at it as competition, but more as a network of people who offer all different services. All investors are in it for one thing. Whether it is money or a hobby, or to help people whatever the reason we all have a common ground. We are investors. They have properties, you will have properties. They have buyers, you will have buyers. I would even see what there inventory has in it and start making offers. Find your buyers or do what ever. I can't say how to do it because I am new too, but all I am saying is that they have resources, they obviously buy and sell, so why can't they buy and sell from/for you? Look at what they have, see if there is a common theme there, then heck go lock up a property for cheap and assign it to them. They have money, and so will you. Turn every "obstacle into an opportunity" per Dean. Keep smiling. All that they can say is no or yes. Either way you won't be any worse than you are now so there is nothing to lose. Good luck

Bothell, WA


Know what truely matters in life, consume yourself with that, and you shall never be disappointed, afraid, or alone. Give your gratitude always, give respect to everyone, and you shall never be anything less than what matters the most. Give praise to the Lord, forgive yourself and others, and with all of this together you will get a taste of what heavens lie ahead.


Give this website a try, you might be able to find like-minded ppl like yourself. It's also good for networking. It's, good luck Smiling



I would like to know that myself, I keep hearing it phrased over and over but have no clue of it. REI Club? What is it?

REI club is Real Estate

REI club is Real Estate Investors Club. Look in the forums for even one here at this site. You can google it and find one in you area. Lots of buyers, sellers etc. at them. Hope that helps.


Know what truely matters in life, consume yourself with that, and you shall never be disappointed, afraid, or alone. Give your gratitude always, give respect to everyone, and you shall never be anything less than what matters the most. Give praise to the Lord, forgive yourself and others, and with all of this together you will get a taste of what heavens lie ahead.


Missie don't allow this guy to steal your dreams. Continue to stay the course and stay focus on your why (Dream). You can do it.



Keep searching

Continue to search and you will find buyers.
Ask yourself how many ads did I run in newspapers this week?
How many people did you call today? It should be 10-20 a day?


"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.”
Napoleon Hill quote


Thanks for the feedback, you just gave me an idea. I'll type that topic in

Just keep going....

Hi Missie,

I just want to give you encouragement to keep going. I live in a neighborhood that has lots of competition and bandit signs are a way of life. I've called more than one FSBO sign only to find out it was another investor, not a motivated home owner. But I've also turned this to my advantage. I met with this one guy last week-end that has a bunch of that means I can develop my buyers list and also sell his properties for some extra cash. And then when I have properties to sell, not only will I have a buyers list, but maybe someone on his list will be a buyer!

I've even called bandit signs looking for real estate investors to work with, only to find out they are selling a training program. Hey, I collected business cards and said "Thanks, sounds interesting, but I already have a program that teaches me". You never know if I'll use those contacts.

I've been in the program about 6 months and will attend my very first REI meeting next week. Things don't always happen fast. If you keep going in the direction that you want, eventually you'll get there.


Margaret, Truer words have


Truer words have not been spoken. Man I love this site. This whole REI thing is just an adventure. We are here for a ride. I don't want to miss out on a thing of it. The ups, the downs, the steady flow. It is all just a ride. I am excited about this. I know things will happen.


Just do what everyone tells you here. Not me though....haha. I just want everyone to smile. Doesn't matter what is going on in life. It could be hard, or easy, but would it be any fun if everything was easy? On somethings sure, but if it was that way all the time, non-stop? They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again exactly the same and each time expecting a different result. So if you did easy over and over again without ever having to change wouldn't that drive you insane? Uh....YEAH! Find something to make you laugh. Right now. Go and laugh because of something. Get that smile back onto your face. Take a minute to soak it in. After that when you have the smile start again on this. You'd be amazed at the power of a smile.

Bothell, WA


Know what truely matters in life, consume yourself with that, and you shall never be disappointed, afraid, or alone. Give your gratitude always, give respect to everyone, and you shall never be anything less than what matters the most. Give praise to the Lord, forgive yourself and others, and with all of this together you will get a taste of what heavens lie ahead.

Someone Once Told Me

Do not let anyone take away your joy, smile or laughter. I confer these same words to do. God Bless.



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"In all things, wait on the Lord."
"Think not of your own deliverance, but trust in God who will give in abundance."
"When you are down to nothing, God is up to something." Unknown
"Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about those things that really matters." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


You will NOT give up! You have come this far to go farther and you can do it. If we are doing it you can do it. Like Dean says... "WHY NOT YOU?"

Here is a little tidbit to help you build your buyers list...

1. Go to and find the Real Estate Investors group nearest you and go to it.

2. Go to and in topic or interest put in "Real Estate Investor" then put your Zip. This will pull up online real estate investor clubs in your area. Visit them and become a member.

3. go to the real estate services section of your area craigslist and find all of the "I buy houses" adds and email them. Introduce yourself etc...

DO NOT let ignorant people distract you from your goal! Believe me the world is full of them and if you stop to give them the time of day you are taking your eyes off your prize. Just walk past them and move on. You have a great family here that will support and guide you.

Ps... who the heck is Carlton Sheets?


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Your Not Alone Missie

Hi Missie,

I am floating in the water right behind you. I am learning all I can every day. Remember knowledge is power. We can do it! It's exiciting and frustrating at the same time. Just keep the faith and it will all work out when you least expect it! The buyers list hasn't been easy for me either. It will happen, it's just a matter of the right time and place. I am going to go to one of my first meetings with like minded people. I am excited and eager to learn. Keep trying and never give up!



I want to thank everyone for the words of encourgement. It means alot.. Ive got a new attitude today and looking forward to holdin my head up and getting back out there undiscouraged.. I have a question though.. Someone called into my buyers mailbox (my tollfree number) I spoke with them and they said they are looking for owner financing. How can I work this out?

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