Ken F. first journal

Ken F. first journal

Hi my name is ken, I am also new to the dg family just started about 3 weeks ago. I've been a sign man for about 30 years, And i've gotten nowhere, still busting my butt for a couple of hundred bucks a month, i have had enough, i want to be a success story... i bought deans books already read profit from real estate now & i'm half way thru be a real estate millionaire, iv'e been getting nothing but naysayers & i realize if i had listened to them years ago i would have never opened a sign shop at the age of 16 im so excited to get started me & my wife went looking for homes all over town found about 14 in a matter of 1 hour now i have to due my homework & reread the book on no money down.wish me luck!!


Good Luck Ken!

You can do this, and the books are the ticket, all the information you need is in there. Keep us posted of your progress.



Cathy B

Follow my progress at:

thankyou cathyb

Down to my last 4 pages of the be a real estate millionaire,As for the house found an invester,happen to be a good friend of mine he wants to purchase that house to get me started, i just love having soo many good friends, Actually they start out aS CUSTOMERS & BECOME GOOD FRIENDS. I have to contact the bank & Hope to get the house, Thank again cathy.


Great start, a few weeks in the trenches and you have an investor with you. Couldn't get any better. Now remember to get your team set up.
Rehabber or contractor
re agent if you want to.
These people will be essential to your success.
Keep your movement going forward and always stay on this site to pick up as much info as you need. Good luck.....Jan


I just wanted to throw in the success academy. I joined over a year ago. And I still use them today. I have closed over 20 deal all due to the academy. Glad your here.



thanks for welcoming me!

already have an accountant, real estate agent, buyer, My brothers are both lic contractors,Just need an attorney. love to join the academy, don't think i can afford it, maybe after my first deal.If i want to reassign it to my buyer & collect finders fees which contract do i use?? agreement to purchase? What are the pints on deans page for? how do i get the book your town already have the others.


If you are talking about the points in the top user page, it is just a total of how much you have contributed to this site. It consists of starting new posts and answering questions or helping other DG students. It is on a voluntary basis, but I would encourage you to get involved.
Note: It is an unwritten rule that you do not jump into someones post and ask questions for yourself. If you have questions, start a new post just like your journal and ask a question. I am sure you can see that there is a ton of people out there that will try to help you.....Jan

Thanks jan

Its always nice to know you can get any answer on here i love being a part of the dg family. Just fyi, i lost the other deal, found out it is already under contract for 31/2 months & there is a problem with the title. good thing i did'nt get it. im just trying to work as a birddog, need to get money fast, & i fiqure i can use more learning. thanks for everyones input. almost 8:00 time to make more signs bye for now. :) Smiling


I talked to a representaive from Ameraco yesterday. They wanted $495.00 for their software program that supposely assists you on locating properties, tutoring you on how to make offers, then passing said offers on to their office for review. He claimed that they worked with thousands of investors who will pay you between 8-10% of the deal, depending on how much profit you have built into each deal submitted.
My personal opinion, if I am working to submit offers to your investors, then you had better be assisting me for FREE. Obviously, I took a pass. If you do pursue this path and find it beneficial, drop me a line and let me know whats what. Thanks!


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