I tryed several ways to get buyers on my list,I did get some names on my list,but it wasnt a very strong list,then I put a couple ghost ads in the local paper,the calls just started pouring in.on my list I have 20 investor buyers and 22 tentant buyers,I have 3 more days until my ad is done,I'm sure I will get more calls.I have all their criteria,so now I need to go and find them some great deals.I'm going to do what greg murphy did and do lease option to purchase,but I need some good advice from the dg family,alot of my tentant buyers wants to rent to own,how can I make that happen,the seller might give me only 45 to 60 days to lease it,and also do I need more paperwork besides the lease more thing,how do I know if it is a great deal.



DO NOT!!!!!! over rely on CL

Gorgeous Frazier wrote:
wow is amazing!! it has all types of information of investors looking for properties as well as deals they have locked up on paper. Great references. Also those ghost ads are an amazing way to build your buyers list as well as craiglist ad run it as a regular dummy ad then when buyers call tell them it has already been purchased and if you have something else available what would they be exactly looking for? How much equity would they like the house to have, whats there price range etc

God Bless,

I like CL, but do not use them 95% of the time only because if you put in 20 ads, chances are 17 are going to be in the same boat you are; little to no money looking to close a deal.

The sites I mentioned tend to have to direct people with money or know someone with money, so use them just as much

Help in Connecticut

Hi my name is Adam Negri. I purchased the books last week. I'm also a real estate agent. If you need help give me a call @ 203-994-0708 and I'll help with your real estate needs. And we can figure this out together.


Quit Claim question

Can someone please tell me what a Quit Claim is?


Charley Menendez

Thanks for all the great info !!

You guys are great !! Everyday I pick up one or more tips to try with my business.

Happy Investing ..

Randy S.
Elkton, MD

What to do first

I know what you mean. It seems that in order to do any of the steps, you need to already have something else ready. I want to go to some meetings or put some ads in to get the investors, because I think I need them first. My problem is when I meet them, won't they expect me to already have some properties or at least have past properties that I've sold, before they would want to give out their information? Do you have to be a member to attend a meeting? The membership fees were high for the ones I've enquired about. My point I guess is that it will be obvious that I am green.


Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought

Just a suggestion

I am very new at this but when I saw your question it just reminded me of what one of Dean's success stories said. I just can't remember which one said it. Anyway, he wanted to live where he grew up, so he traveled there and looked for deals there and placed ads there. So what I'm suggesting is, do some research on surrounding areas that would be worth the drive, to find areas that do have a strong market. And remember that you can't go by what a real estate agent thinks of the market. We are looking for people who are ready to sell (for less) and people who are looking for an investment. We just work a deal that leaves us something in the process. Real Estate agents don't see the market in that way. Hope that helps.


Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought


Where in california are you located? We Are in Castaic and would love to connect with local investors to share ideas and brainstorm.

Rick & Peggy


Wishing you Happiness and Prosperity,
Rick & Peggy
Eagles Crest Properties

Not Playing Dumb ...Really Am ... (But Not For Long)

Question: Isn't that called 'bait and switch' when you advertise something that doesn't really exist --- and then try to hook the responders on something else when they call? Big-time illegal. Or correct me if I'm wrong wrong wrong. (Cause, what do I know after 8 little days?) Here to learn. Ghost ads and all ...

New Stress and confused

you and I are in the same situation, I am confused and don't know where to start; my husband and I have 5 properties we bought a the auction (Tax Lien); but because we are not educated the houses are not working for us, we have one in need of total rehab and cannot get funding; so I am like in a maze with bill piling higher than a mountain; I sign up for the three course with DG in June in my area CT Hartford; but I need some advise now to start pushing forward.

Help in CT

I am also in CT, and its not bad once you have some knowledge; leave that real estate agent alone and go scouting; I haven't made any deals on Deans program as yet, but I do have a few properties and not using them the right way; and this is the reason why I went to Dean seminar and I will be doing the three day course in June. My husband and I visit the auctions frequently and we drive around and look at properties. You can locate buyers and seller online. I just when to the seminar one day ago and already have 7 buyer on my buyers list, by going online, what I notice is that you have to be proactive and think outside the box; you have to get rough and dirty and pound the pavement do let anyone tell you different if your gutt feeling is telling you that you are making the right move; there are investments in CT, foreclosures like crazy. We use all our cash buying what we already have and now broke, because we do not know how to use the properties, we hav tenants but its not enough. Keep postive.


your the guy huh?!=)...i have to say that the advice you give is direct and to the point and I thank you for that. i've been such an idiot and i'm slightly kicking myself on how easy i can be sold by some individuals thinking that their programs would work better than Dean's =/.. what the heck was i thinking??!.. So i'm just gonna man up and gut this out and glean from everyones experience and never look back.. but hey..thats why success exist..=) cuz failure had to take place..

all we gotta do..

is just keep picking away and things just pop up =).. resources are awesome..thanks


ma'am =) is on my 'to do' list tomorrow!!!.. I'm tired of the sun and the moon going up and down, up and down and yet i still haven't closed a deal.. thank you thank you.. the light is getting brighter

Many Thanks

Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie as well. I learn something new everyday from so many of you. I don't have my team yet. I'm working backwards trying to put everything together. All the sites info. is perfect!

Many Thanks!


Thanks for all the info on this thread, but is their anyone in Kentucky using dean's stratagies? And if so do you know of any investors? And what exactly is (I hope this is right ) a POF? THANK YOU.

wanted to know

Hi mike.I wanted to know-where did you place this ad? was it on craigslist or a free website? Also, would like to know what are the general steps to assignment deals in NYC...Thanks in Advance, Richard.


Richard White

sandra what area

what area and defind what your asking plain we,are here to help

lease options

can you please send me info on all that, im fustrated thanks

Very enlightening

Something keeping me, from plunge!Thanks for all information,and comments,very helpful. Jim

placing a ad

Hello Richard,I placed a ad in the local newspaper,in the town where I want to invest in.As far as the steps of assignments in nyc,I will pass because I wont ever make to nyc,thanks anyway.To all the dg family, I have not been on this site as much as I like to,she works 7 days and long hours,and my daughter is a full time job,as soon as school starts back up,I will run back in to this site.



High DG investors, I'm grateful to be a part as well!!!

I'm new at this and my question is how are the investors doing with the 800# service as far as building your buyers and sellers list? Also what are your thoughts on thr IEE and the Assignment technics?

Had all the material

I'm a planner, so I planned,did all the homework,did the research over & over. Procrastinating I guess,thinking myself out of taking action but no more. I'm ready, tired of hearing of others success & getting inspired just to wake up another day & do nothing. All the successful people did something to reach their success they took action. Now its my turn ...Just do it. I'm ready in Hampton Roads Area of Virginia for those of you who don't know where that is Norfolk,Va.Beach area prime location. Navy, Army, Airforce & great colleges & universities...I'm ready working on my website once thats complete I'll be asking for help. Thankyou in Advance all of your stories helped me to say stop putting of your success & just do it. Jump in


Linda, Love the Fear quote. I am posting it next to my phone as I am having trouble making cold calls. sharon



Thankyou for supplying us with your ghost ad, i'll try it out and report back.. FL and GA are my areas for investing. What part of the country were you exploring with your ghost ads??

Thanks again


Dare To Dream & Work To Win


My favorite quote is from Dr. Tom Barrett,
He simply says,

Dare to Dream & Work to Win

Keeps me motivated on a daily basis!



Dare To Dream & Work To Win


In Texas for example, rent to own is the same as a lease purchase. I am almost certain that in many states it is the same.

I have done two of these so far and it has worked out fairly well. I would advise you to make sure that your lease purchasers are aware that the arrangement they will be entering into with you is not the same as just being a tenant. Reinforce that this is an arrangement where they are working toward ownership through their monthly payment obligations. If they do their part, you'll do yours.

Some people who are not real estate savy, have to be made aware of what it means to be in a lease-purchase arrangement. Many do not see a difference, but you and I both know there is.

T All Y'All

As always a grreaat site for fabulous info. Thanks for everyone's input.
Hope to be able to help someday myself. In the meantime, I'm making voluminous notes. Happy "Saleing". Semper Fi D-LO
P.S. Also taking baby steps for ACTION..following dean's instructions i n his books. See y'all in the Conference Call tomorrow night.

Lease Option

I just starting and was wondering if anyone knows if the lease option is legal in MD

I just jumped in.....

Didn't even realize it but after seeing one of those boarded signs on the road today, I took down the number & had a short conversation w/ the company that posted them. At the very least I received valuable info & more avenues to explore.
Now its time for the 800#.

This site has been incredible!! Everytime I have a doubt or question, there's usually an answer on this site.
Does anyone have any experience w/ the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County, NC area? Eventually I hope to expand to S. Carolina & nationwide!

Onward & upward!



"If you STAY ready, then you ain't got to GET ready". -Will Smith-

Hi Everybody and Thank You

I remember thinking that this is probably something that calls for a lot of experience, and savy. There is a wealth of information on this page alone and I thank all of you for sharing it with those of us who are beginners.

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