Need some input on my letter to a preforeclosure, possible probate

Need some input on my letter to a preforeclosure, possible probate

In addition to putting an offer in one of my target areas that is more of a second home area, I am sending letters to some very promising pre foreclosure prospects in an area closer to my home. I've created this letter and because I'm new to this I ask for some constructive advice to make sure I've included everything I should. I've already fixed the grammatical errors, but had made the PDF before that. The third sentence is my business slogan.

I'm getting ready to send out several of them. I wanted to make it personal, yet knowledgeable. This particular version is for an elderly gentleman who lost his wife a few years ago, and may be in poor health.

Feel free to use the letter and tweak it however you wish.

Thank you DG family! Smiling


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Hi Tammy

I know this thread was from back in March, But I was just curious how this letter has worked out for you.

Look forward to your reply


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