I bought them all too

I bought them all too

I bought all of the other programs out there over the last 20+ years. Carlton Sheets, Don Lapre, And the one that does tax liens.. many.. I tried everything, nothing worked until now.. Within less than 4 weeks using Dean's strategies and taking action, was able to lock up a lease option. Using simple things that I saw all around me, yet, was afraid to take action. Until now. Anyone that is new and just starting or hasn't ordered Dean's materials, they are priceless. Just like this site and all the DG family members out there, priceless. You can't put a value on support, materials, people just like me who got motivated to change their lives forever. It works, don't let anyone tell you it doesn't. God Bless you Dean and staff for the work you do. He is a man of his word, Something I can't say for the other people who took the money and ran. Where are they now? I'll tell you.. out of business.


I even tried

the finding notes easy program, which had helpful info, but the only way to get help was to pay thousands of dollars. Dean's program is the best definately. You can get all the help you need without paying a fortune and he even gives you free tools and websites, and other deals as well. Plus you can actually talk to the people who have success stories in his books or Dean himself and they will help as well. You can't get that anywhere else.


You certainly can't. Just try to get a hold of one of those success stories on the other programs.. Ha.. LOL still there are people that think Dean is scamming them, what a joke.!Yes, some programs cost quite a bit, but he has employees he pays, I'm sure over head, they don't work from Dean's house.. And ask the one's that are making it bigger in this business about the success academy, how they feel about it.. They will tell you, If it weren't for that, they don't know where they would be without the support system. I haven't gotten to join it yet, but when I do have the finances, I'm in.


Hey blessed,
Great comments. Encouraging to all of us. I have not doubt about the program, and here there are a lot of people to communicate with. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Thanks Roger, This is my home away from home..lol Be Blessed!


Blessed, what programs from dean have you bought?


I purchase BARM book and PFRERN book, it has all the information you need to get started and make a deal. The Success Academy is very helpful, and I would recommend it as well. I haven't found the time just yet to enroll, but am doing some deals on here with people that have attended it. Just some FYI. This works get motivated and if you haven't purchased or read Deans materials, I would suggest starting there. It is cutting edge information, That works! Hope this helps!!

No Need To Say Anymore

The success stories speak for themselves. These are not lies. In order to get that deal maker sign, documents need to be submitted to show that a deal was really made. Remember honesty and integrity are what Dean, his team and the DG family is all about. You want it! then go out and get it. Success is there for the taking, do not expect it to be handed to you on a silver platter. We have the abilities to make it in this business. God Bless.



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How do you submit the documents?


i bought his program back in the early to mid 90's. i thought it was pretty good, thing is i signed up for his coaching program and they introduced me to hard money lenders. i thought that was someone who would loan me the money to buy the property then show up in a long black cadillac and machine guns wanting his money. i'm roflmao typing this.lol i was young i didnt know what hard money lenders were.

still down on the floor

i hope i'm not the only laughing here

Thats Funny stuff !

Yes, it had some pretty good Ideas, I was young and stupid, and tried to do it word for word.. went looked at a property had the notes, forms etc.. Tried to make a low ball offer and the agent just looked at me and said.. "We can't do that" so I closed the book said thanks and never tried it again.. lol

About Carelton......

Even though I was in the game by the time I had first seen his infomercials in 2000, I can honestly say that I learned alot from him.

I was already on my 5th house by the time, I swore he was talking to me

"Are you tired of living check to check???"

Me: "Yes"

"Do you want to make life easier for your family???"

Me: "Yes"

"Wouldn't the option of financial freedom give you more time to spend with loved ones???"

Me "YES!!!"

My previous houses I purchased with owner financing and during the time when banks were giving money away 'just because'...

I didn't understand the aspect of the LLC and his templates on how to speak with clients helps me to this day. Never did a workshop though they did try and charge me for one without my knowledge. Had to fight tooth and nail to get my money back; they just did not want to give me my money back, came up with every single reason to not do it.

No regreats from both him and what I did with Trump as well as it has shaped me to understand this business alot more than I would if I didn't. Also can't say enough of what reading Dean's stuff has done too


I feel ya! Sometimes hindsight is 20/20 they say, whoever they are..lol But, I am so thankful for this site and the wonderful people I have met here. I looked into the cruise last night.. they are trying to put together. I am soooo up for that! Best wishes and keep rockin !

No offence

But I am perfectly fine with Dean's materials. The success academy will guide you thru deals step by step. Even refund your money if you close 5 deals in less than a few months. Thanks but no thanks ..

I bought them all too

Just signed up today. Beyond blessed you make me feel like I can really do this R.E. thing. Can't wait to take my first baby steps. Thought about trying a couple other programs but this one just feels right. See you all on the road to prosperity.


You will make it, but you have to get motivated and take action. All the one's that are doing deals including myself, does require you to put time in and do your homework. You will make it if you want it bad enough. Be blessed and see you at the top.

Wanted to say Hello

I wanted to say Hello, this is my first time reading your journal and I'm glad I did....You guys are doing great things and I am with you I believe that we are in the best spot for success.

Much Success. I will be reading your journal often.


Erika, REI
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lease options

Can't seem to grasp locking up lease options with out my own money. Anyone have some advice? Thank you


Roland Ochoa

have you tried

asking for the first payment to be in 30 days or so? Then you can get it from the person you lease to.

Lease option

rbailey1962 wrote:
asking for the first payment to be in 30 days or so? Then you can get it from the person you lease to.

So basicly you would be sub-leasing it?


Roland Ochoa


Can't wait to get working on one of the deals with you! I may need your help with my cousin's lease option. I'm debating whether I should do the sandwich lease with him. He wants almost retail for it, and because he's my cousin, I want to do this for him without charging him too much. I still haven't had a chance to reread in Dean's books about the sandwich lease and I really need to review it all and reread Greg Murphys section of YTYREP.

I really need to get that MP3 player for my car or convert his books to CD somehow. Everything I've tried to covert my MP3s doesn't work. Sad


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Lease Option Assignments (wholesale seller financing)

I prefer assigning the lease option back to the seller and collect the option consideration as a payment for your services. Use an option to purchase contract instead of a real estate purchase contract. The motivated seller may let you keep all of the option consideration or they may want you to split it with them. It's all negotiable. Your team members will be a loan officer and a real estate agent. You don't have to show houses (agent's task) or run credit checks (loan officer's task) Let your team members do what they do best and you do what you do best (lock up deals.)

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