HAKJ Member Journal

HAKJ Member Journal

Will I'm new and I'm done. Done being unemployed and/or under-employed (since 01/2001). Done barely scraping by and counting on the good graces of others (Food stamps, grants, gifts, and welfare) Done with trying to find a job counting on another to make wise business decisions so that I wind up in the same situation. Done with trying to find a job in what is a dead end economic recovery. I am DONE.

I've got goals and plans I need to see fulfilled. I've ordered the 1st two books that are now on special. Should be here in a day or two. I've just now ordered 1 Think A Little Different in Real Estate - DVD and Your Town Your Real Estate Profits - Book. I've known real estate is the way to go and now I'm done waiting for enough money to start. I'm DONE. Now I will begin.

Good to be here and I will keep you all posted on my progress. If there are any hints you can think of on my new career let me know.


July 29

Just received my 1st two books in the mail. Reviewed the DVD and called the Academy number given.

While expensive I'm sure it's worth it I just don't have the cash for it right now. So I've started in on "Be a Real Estate Millionaire". Some of the information I think is basic however other parts I am learning a great deal. We all come from different backgrounds and starting points so I'm not surprised in the least. Anyway, I hope to finish both books by the end of the weekend and find a house at least by the end of the week after next if not sooner. Hopefully by the end of this upcoming week is what I'm shooting for.

We will see.

July 31

Finished "Be Real Estate Millionaire." Great book. A lot of motivational stuff and how to combat negativity. I skipped those parts this time round cause I got rid of it all already. However, I might return to read those sections if I get that negativity back in my life. Part 3 I read and learned some in but not quite enough to get started. Now I've started on the second book, "Profit From Real Estate Right Now!" On page 45.

Currently I have less than $10 in my bank account. I need to do something by next week. AND I WILL!

You've got the "why!" You

You've got the "why!" You are "done"....I like that! It's your why that will keep you going when you hit obstacles. I hope you enjoy Profit From Real Estate Right Now as much as I did. It's my favorite Dean book because it gives you simple actionable steps to follow to achieve success! Good luck and stay focused. Once you commit, you are half way there!



"If God is for us, who can ever be against us?" Romans 8:31 NLT

August 2

Well finished my second book. Wow. A lot of info. I tried to read straight through but as ideas started growing I found myself jumping around. LOL. Something Dean said might and more than likely would happen.

Looking at my first deal. Found a great Broker/agent in the county I'm looking in. I just need to secure the contract and a hard lender. This property would make an excellent flip. I found it through the HUD county listing. In fact this property has gone unnoticed because somehow it was listed in the MLS then removed. HUD reduced the price on it AND it is in a good neighborhood. The home last sold for 124,000. The assessed value is 111,000 and no back taxes due. HUD is listing it at 90,900. I'm pretty sure I can get it for 78,000 or less.

August 6

Well I'm looking for investors & home buyers, mortgage brokers, and real estate agents/brokers in Colorado.

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