Bill's Member Journal

Bill's Member Journal

Just received my books and I am already 5 chapters deep!!! Rina thanks for the help with my first question... I hope to join the Academy on the 9th of August...


looking at first property

Going to look at my first property today at 4pm....

Trying to find motivated sellers

I viewed three properties yesterday. One of which was a home in a sketchy neighborhood that needed tons of work. The other two where condos in the same complex. The exact same layouts and there was a difference of $7,000 between the asking prices.

I don't know if I am trying to do to much to soon without finishing the book but it's only been to days. I have found potential Tenant Buyers and possible renters. The response on getting investors has been non-existant but its sill early.

Goals for today are:

  • To read a few more chapters in Your Town.
  • Need to find a mortgage broker
  • Need to find a real estate agent
  • Create a Ghost ad for motivated sellers
  • Find out more about how section 8 housing works could be a big market in my area.

    I am so motivated right now! My girlfriend can't believe my drive on this. She is so helpful. She says if you make a good living doing this could she quit her job and work for me in some capacity. You gotta love her for that!!!

    Until tomorrow.


  • Day after looking at 2 properties...8.7.10

    Well well well...I just looked at two properties yesterday...I met an awesome agent and he was a wealth of information. As a matter of fact we spoke for an hour. He gave me so much valuable information. He has agreed to be a apart of my team and he has a mortgage broker that he deals with that he said he would be a nice addition as well. So I knocked off two items from my to do list with one meeting.

    Doing my research on a property

    I am doing my research to make my first offer on a property. Probably going to make the offer on Monday 8.16.10. My co-worker saw me reading Your Town so I gave him B.A.R.M. to read and we have decided to become partners. Turns out he used to run a team of guys that rehabbed homes for about five years. WOW!!! This thing is really starting to come together.

    Until next time,

    Put in my first off this morning.

    Haven't posted anything in my journal for about a week. I have been really busy at work. Also, I finshed Your Town and more importantly I put in a offer for a property (my first one) I have been following. The price dropped by $15,000 from $44,000 to $29,000 in 30 days. It is a foreclosed Freddie property and I put in an offer even lower of $15K. It has been on the market for 60 days and the realtor said I should jump on it now at $29K, so I just testing the waters to see if they bite. I already have 3 potential renters lined up should every thing go as planned.

    Wish me Luck!
    Bill Gooden

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