Timeovermoney's Journal

Timeovermoney's Journal

Here is a rundown of what I've been doing up until now

Pre 8/14- Read all of Dean's emails and watched videos for new product launch. Also downloaded free pdf he gave away and read all the info in it from Greg Murphy and Carol. Begin reading more posts here on the forums.

Also bought and set up a workstation to put into my extra room in my apartment to begin setting up an office. Feels really good and makes me feel much more professional. I had actually been planning to do that for somet time. I can go in and just shut the door and really concentrate now. Love it.

8/14- Went to an auction about in Baltimore County. Got about 4 contacts for my buyers list and one other guy who seemed to be wholesaling. The guys hosting the auction also seemed to be real estate investors and affiliated with a real estate school. Two of their students were there doing the same thing as me, getting contact info.

Bought be a real estate millionaire and Profit from real estate right now. I began reading profit from real estate right now.

8/14-8/19- Kept reading profit from real estate right now and begin posting on the forums. Also updated my profile with plenty of information for networking purposes. Also messaged some of the more experienced users for more feedback.

8/19- Stayed up till three am finishing profit from real estate right now. Was so interesting. Decided my plan would be to get an agent and a mortgage lender (think this is what they're called)to put in 25 deals to get one accepted like from the book and also get my deals financed. I'm excited and pumped up about getting started.

On the agenda for today:

-Start the process of finding an agent
-Get a phone line to put my pre-recorded message no
-Start posting my ads in grocery stores to kick up sellers.
-Get a basic marketing plan using free stuff for now. Free papers, flyers, craigslist and other free sites.
See what feedback is coming...
-Download, organize and make use of all the freebies in Dean's books

-Find out when Reia meetings are and attend to build buyers list
-Join other sites like this such as Virtual deal factory, and bigger pockets and start networking
-Finish reading my other "power books" Be a real estate Millionaire, Think and Grow rich, feel the fear and do it anyway, and Emotional Intelligence.. I read alot...

So that's it for now. I will be doing at least one thing every day. I have a full time job so I plan to basially come home and start another full time job until this pans out. Wish me luck!


You can make excuses, or you can make money, but you can't make both. -Dean Graziosi

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