Jets To Santa Fe Journal

Jets To Santa Fe Journal

August 21, 2010

Joined DG Family 6-29-2010. Just started reading "Your Town, Your Real Estate". Reading is not my long suit! I wish the book was available online, so I could just read a few pages here and there while on my computer. I find this sight much easier to gleen information from.

Desparately want the new "Set For Life" system, it would throw me over my credit limit to even do the monthly payments...VERY TEMPTED to do it anyway. Really excited about the automation of the system.

I've done a few real estate purchases in the past using tools of another guru...intials C.S. It helped me net a $40K profit in 1 year and 9 months.

I've tried a hundred of online "show-me-the-money" systems and keep ending up back at the Real Estate well for more. Love everything about houses and homes.

Used to be in residential and commercial construction. Been an architectural CAD draftsman for years. Been a trim carpenter and a builder. Now I have a landscape lighting business.

Truly impressed with Dean Graziosi.


August 21, 2010

Just spent a 13 hour day on my J.O.B...and on a Saturday! That makes me really want to get going in real estate investing!

Just discovered I have both Dean's books on .pdf so I can read them on my computer.

Just today ordered the "Set For Life" system. Really excited to get going!

More later.


Hey there Ed I'm glad to see another investor from New Mexico! I live in the southwest area of NM. I joined the DG family about 3 months ago but I kept getting pulled back in my "comfort zone" I just recently got into the dirty work. I am not going to back into the comfort zone.


Hey aMarquez54!
We have one in Taos...justplain-e also. I think there is a couple in Farmington as well. Luck to us all!

Private Jets still arriving daily

I live out by the airport, and I always wonder who flies in and out of Santa Fe in those private jets. I know they are probably Hollywood celebrities with getaway homes in the Land of Enchantment. But they are also investors in homes here. I guess I'll know when I fly one in to look at one of MY properties!

Dream Big!

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