BryanSr.'s Journal To Success

BryanSr.'s Journal To Success

My first post on my journal comes at 12:28am here in California. Sacramento to be exact. Something just hit me and said if I don't do it now, I won't do it ever.
And I thought, that's it. Thats what I've been missing.

Without going into to much detail. I'm not in the best of situations. Property has official been foreclosed on, owner never told me, now me wife and son have to go. But silver line, we have an offer for cash for keys, which kind of helps out. No job, one of those state workers that got laid off in 08 and has since not yet bounced back. No car, no money. And a bunch of other stuff.

BUT I WILL NOT LOSE. If you check my file, I have been on this site since 09. I have read, I have talk, I have listened. But what I didn't do was DO. I have let others, including ones really close, determine that I can't do it because of this or that. There are others who have been way worse off, so I can't complain. It is only me that determines if I will make it in this world.

And I have decided.

And I want me entire DG family to be there as it happens.


Meet with my new REI team today. The meeting was wonderful. Our own Success Brainstorm. Very excited to get this week start, make things happen, and get my new partners and I to the promise land of Real Estate success.


Today is the first day. I look at it as everything I did up until this point, doesn't matter, it doesn't change what my goals are for the future.

After meeting with my group, we discovered through an agent contact a small area, that is moving fairly quickly. Me and my wife wrote up 100 postcard size, yellow letters, I stuff them in some envelopes, now I am heading out to put them on every door I can.

Also, printing up some flyers for car windows, and a few local stores that I have posted in before. I expect the response to be great.

100 postcards
20 signs
15 cl ads,10 backpage,10 kijji
50 calls to for rent ads
contacting REI attorneys
contact divorce,probate,and couple counseling offices

My goals for today. I hope my DG family will keep me to it.

Thanks Bryan

Hey Bryan,

Thanks for all the hard work you are doing already. I went to the courthouse today and found the listings for Notice of Default and Notice of Trustee Sales. Do you know if the Trustee Sales are the same as Probates. If they are I got some info on them and there are a couple in Elk Grove and a couple in Sacramento. Just FYI. let me know how you do today.


Greg Rowe
Elk Grove, CA


Thanks for the post. It feels good to know that my work is noticed. I think that might be the greatest tool that comes from this partnership, for me, is having someone see that I am trying. Still not feeling to well, but I am making calls at the moment to real estate attorney's. after I figure the best ones, or just the ones that will work with us. I will schedual a meeting for Friday like we talked about. My wife is doing more ads for cl, I have like 25 so far. I will be writing more later. THen I will be heading back to that neighborhood we pointed out just over calvin, to continue to canvas that area. Later we are going to the dmv for my wife. While there I plan to hand out these business cards I printed. I might also place some flyers on cars while there. Don't know if thats legal. I will be posting my progress as I go along today.

Oct. 5th

Today was a great, long day.Got a mixture of things done to continue to move forward. I emailed 10 for rent ads, got 2 responses. One turned out to not be a deal, the other I offered $70k, valued at $139k, owner countered because he owes $144k so I offered a lease option for his amount due. He said he will think it over and respond tomorrow.

Emailed 10 for sale, go 4 counters, I countered back. No responses yet.
Called around and got a good recommendation on a Real Estate attorney, meeting with him on friday. Can't wait.

Called around to a few probate/estate attorney offices to market. A lot turned me down, still have a list of 35 more. Will most likely call a few more, but will stop by them all and hand them a card to remember me by.

Pulled a list NOD's for my preforeclosure list. Will go through them and pull a few to market to. They are all within driving distance so I will also drop be and leave some material in those neighborhoods.

Finished writing up my signs so I will be placing those around either tomorrow, or I might wait untill the weekend, to get more exposure. Don't really know if code enforcement will take them down.

10 ads on cl
15 on backpage
Creating a whole lot more.

Planning for tomorrow, my wife has a few errands she has to run, so my day might not be as filled as today, but the key is to always be doing something towards rei daily, and I will get the results I want.

See ya tomorrow.


that is great all the work you are doing! I am really new to this DG site and have made some offers on REO properties through a realtor. we'll see the next few days if any banks counter or (fingers crossed) accept. I am looking for hard money lenders as well - plus RE partners on these deals. always more deals than money out there!



I completely understand what you are saying. Its easy to find the deal, but working around the financing is the challenge. But its worth it all. I'm placing an offer on an short sale tomorrow, i might pass that a long to a short sale buyer I have. Don't know if i'm even placing an offer. I don't really like dealing with them. But a deal is a deal. I will post results for sure.

Awesome job Bryan

You are on fire my friend! Hope you are feeling better now. Keep up the good work, you are closer to success than you know.

Good Luck with the offers,




Today was a long day. It was one of family obligations with less REI. But no worries, those days come and go, and you just have to deal with them.

Well to say the least, I got a few more ads out today, but what I am happier about is the tracking that I have been doing. I have noticed the different times for my area as far as marketing online. So I will be looking more closely at that to determine the best time of day to post and get the most response. Also, CL is only letting me post about 15 ads total now. So I think I have something for them.

I was able to contact a few more attorney offices in regards to marketingmy teams services. Still no word yet, but I will start at the top of the list tomorrow.

Printed out some business cards,flyers, and generic postcards that I will be handing out all day tomorrow. Researched a few properties that were sent to me via email.

As well as a response to an post for properties. Was contacted by a bird-dogger with a 8 unit property. Seems promising, if/when the agent gets back to me with all the information, I will go to my team and see if we can make a deal happen.

With persistance(spell check) comes results, and I am starting to see that now.

Until tomorrow, Stay motivated.

Oct. 9th...So Excited

Well today is Saturday. I got some bandit signs out this morning, doing another batch of 10 and I'm about to leave to hang those out for a total of 20. I am really curious to see what type of response I will get.

I've had a few tire kickers call me. I directed them to my website, just to save time.

I have planned to hand out business cards, put up flyers in some stores, and go to the Cal Expo today.

There is a homeowner help group there, attempting to help homeowner's with loan modifications. i beleive their name is NACA. Great company, and great opportunity for me and my team. Me and Greg plan to market to those that didn't get the assistance they needed there.

I will let my DG family know how it went.

Have a Great Day

whats new?

Friday Greg and I are hooking up to place the bandit signs we have made all over the main streets in Elk Grove, get in touch with him - right now my cell is out of commission -

Greg told me you might have our first deal locked up? get back to me on that


Paul Leis

“What you commit yourself to determines what you are, more than anything that ever happened to you yesterday, or the day before.” —Dr. Anthony Campolo

“Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret—curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”
—Walt Disney

Real Estate Investor assistance

Tuesday Evening in Rocklin address

6930 Destiny Dr,
Rocklin CA 95677

7Pm - 9Pm

It's being taught by one of my REI in the area a gentleman named Jeff Thompson I knew him through a REI College called Noveau Riche - Let me know what you think I know Greg works till 9 so we won't be able to make it -


Paul Leis

“What you commit yourself to determines what you are, more than anything that ever happened to you yesterday, or the day before.” —Dr. Anthony Campolo

“Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret—curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”
—Walt Disney


Sounds interesting. Do you know what the training will be about?

Good work guys

You Guys seem to be doing great I also just started with REI about 2 months ago myself when I seen Dean on the infomercial.
I contacted an RE Attorney in my town he said he has done tons of assignments and that they are nothing new to the title companies.(in California)
All I did was call his office and asked his receptionist to ask the attorney if he had ever dealt with assignments and if he was intrested in working together.
she called me back and said he was intrested and set me up an appointment
witch went great by the way.
he also reffered me to one of his clients who is A Realtor and owner of her office.
I e-mailed her yesterday and she wants to work together and sit down and discuss the strategies we will be using.
I think you should call an RE Attorney and try the same approach that I have done.
Hope this will help you.
I am not too Far from Sacramento about 4 hrs north on 1-5 maybe we could network together a little I think we could learn from each other and help each other out on our way to success.
My name is Steve by the way.
Good luck to you guys time to get back to research.
God Bless DGF.


I can't beleive it has been over a month since I have posted in my journal. I have been super busy but I at least wanted to keep up my postings.

Well, since then, I had to let the deal I had locked up go. I couldn't come with a solid buyer in the time I needed, and I couldn't make it work. But, I'm not crying, I learned a whole lot from the situation as far as doing the offer, countering, dealing with the listing agency and the bank, marketing, and a lot more. TIP: It really does bring in the buyers like crazy when you have a deal under contract. I do see why it is great to have a buyers list in place already, but when you get that deal, it goes smokin fast.

I had to pick up a job to support my family, so my time for investing was drastically cut down, but it is all worth it. With the job, it will make it that much easier to qulify for refi's, loans to buy (even though I still use the no-money down techniquers) it just open's up my options. AND TAKES A HUGE STRESS OFF MY SHOULDERS AS FAR AS INCOME GOES. However between school and work, I don't really have that much time.

But you got to use what you have: Me and my wife work at the same location, I start two hours eariler than her, so she gets off two hours later. While I wait for her to get off, I check my emails, return calls, maybe do some ads ( I can only do so much with a cell phone). That way, I have two BUSINESS hours left after working, so I am going to use those to the fullest. And I have Monday and Tuesday off to be able to look at properties, do my offers and hopefully set my closings on those days.

This is going to be great....And I PROMISE to keep you guys posted this time.

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