Bob's REI journal of success

Bob's REI journal of success

I have been watching the Edge 2010. Staying up till 3am on the weekends up after 12am during the week. Empowering Conversations, Rereading BARM and Profit from Real Estate.

Have a Real Estate Agent that I'm working with
Realtor working on list of properties. Hard working friend who will make offers. Need to interview another RE Agent in next town over.

Will contact a bank to determine if there are no seasoning loans available at 80% LTV

will make 2 Offers made tomorrow. Plan to make 4 more this week. Talked with neighbor about abandoned property. Will get address tomorrow to see if they will sell.

Build Buyers List - No current buyers - will have 3 Buyers on List by Wed. Contact friend who may be private lender or cash buyer. Call Rentals on local newspaper.

Marketing properties - Craigs list, placed flyer at the post office


1st steps


Congrats on taking your first steps, and getting the wheels in motion. I am like you, just started the REI game and am very excited to make progress, and close on my first deal.

Keep us updated on how things continue to develop.


Bret W. Beitler

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