From zero to real estate success journal

From zero to real estate success journal

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my journal. On here I will document everything I've done as far as being a real estate investor.

9pm...I did Deans 7 levels exercise and it really made me think about my WHY. some journal entries and listened to some conference call replays...Great stuff Dean!

1230am...wrote in journal and will be doing more research on DG. I've found some great ones in there and listening to there stories and videos has been really inspirational. Can't wait for the book to arrive.



Got my Profit From Real Estate Today book. I'm going to read this as fast as I can. I really need to get my truck running again and get a new cell phone.

Didn't do much reading in the forums since my book arrived. I plan to spend every waking moment in this book absorbing as much as I can. My goal is to read this 2 times in under a week.

Some obstacles in my way right now, no drivers license, a running vehicle, no phone, no savings, no credit.

Some things going for me: Failing in other business ventures has made me fearless of failing. " Fail forward " as they say. I can take a no and keep on moving without skipping a beat. I'm driven to get the life I deserve and I believe I hold the key to all those dreams in my hands. I feel like I am in the right place at the right time. I WILL BE A SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE.

Have a great week everyone and lets make some deals happen, time to get back in the book.


I'm about 100 pages into the book and love what I'm reading so far. I KNOW I can do all these things Dean talks about so far. One main obstacle in my way right now is not having a phone or being able to drive.

1/25 I opened up a account with

Back to the book and than back on shift at 11pm. I will not be working at this plant in 5 years.

Hi Nafetalai

Welcome to the DG site!

You are doing a good job knowing that you need to read, read, read, study, study, study.

One other thing that is very important is fill out your bio fully. That is the first thing we look at when someone asks a question. It will make you look more professional and more serious about doing the business.

First impressions are important and that is your first impression here.

Good luck!



"You're never too old to be what you were meant to be!"

"Shining Like a Star & Dancing on Sunshine"

"Shoot for the moon! Even if you fall short, you'll still land among the stars!"

Hi Karen!

Hi! Thanks for checking out my journal. Sorry for the late reply, I got home last night and got back into the book and fell asleep reading last night and I didn't get a chance to write you back. I will be updating my bio when I get home so people stopping by know about me and hopefully my journey can leave good footprints for people to follow. I've picked up alot of good nuggets just spending time in the forums. Any corrections or advice you may have is welcome. I'm getting my bandit signs and my automated voicemail next week, I'm kind of short on my finances this week. I'm almost half way done with Deans book but I might reread what I read last night so I can absorb the material. Have a great Friday!

Welcome and YAY

Hello Viz,

Glad to see you get started and taking action. Key point I wanted to say here is this, Build your buyers list. You will see this all over the site. It really makes all the difference in the world. You can have signs, 800#'s and all the marketing pieces in the world but make sure you line up those buyers first. They are a main key in what you will be doing.

Congratz on getting started and I wish you the best:) I look forward to reading more in your journal.


When you say thank you, you are telling the world that you want more. Say thank you every day! It will bring joy, and it will bring so much more.


Hi investorinmissouri! How are you? Thanks for that important little nugget. I will start working on that today. Very good idea! I'm in the central valley in California if you need some information about the area. Have a great weekend! did the deals go? It sounds like you guys are really taking action. AWESOME!

Still waiting

As of right now I am waiting till the 1st for my investor to submit his deposit on one of the homes we have under contract.

Today I am looking at a house with my Realtor that she suggested for us. After all this time she knows what we are looking for and works hard to find what we need. I love the fact that she calls when she gets a new lead that fits our criteria.

I am also following up on some leads that I work with another DG member here on the site. So far we have a pretty busy day ahead of us. I have a list of 7 homes we are going to drive by and either leave notes or speak with the owners on. Also I have a ton of phone calls to make as well on some FSBO's.

If you need any scripts or lists of questions let me know I would be happy to share with you what I have for qualifying my sellers, buyers, banks, contractors, and more.

Take it from me, work that buyers list with all that you can. You know we didn't have a cell phone when we started. I used my mother in laws home phone. :)Ask for help when you need. You said you have no car which can make things very difficult. First find out what your buyers want. Then target that area. You can ask someone to take you or take the bus and walk the area. There are times I have asked my sister, mother, mother in law, and friends to take me places in exchange for something. I also asked for there support.

It will be hard at first but once you close a deal you will find that nothing will stop you from continuing forward:)


When you say thank you, you are telling the world that you want more. Say thank you every day! It will bring joy, and it will bring so much more.

You guys sound like you are

You guys sound like you are really moving and congratulation! That is awesome!!! Great idea about taking the bus. If you can send those scripts I'd love to see them, those would be really helpful. I live about 2 hours away from any relatives of mine so I can't get to a phone but I should have one by Monday or Tuesday. I'll be getting on that buyers list asap.


7am...reading and studying.

Back on Track

I've fallen off big time. Why is it when you're trying to do something positive for yourself, problems and obstacles seem to pop out of nowhere. Getting my truck up and running is going to be a challenge while I get all these fines taken care of. Why didn't I see all these troubles happening sooner? I guess misery really loves company and love is scared to be miserable. Oh well, life goes on and starting tomorrow I sign up for the Success Academy. A huge leap of faith for me, I am all in on this journey to financial freedom. I know this money can help me out if it went to other things but I feel its now or never, and if not now...when? So if the PG&E and the utilities get cut off for a week or so, so be it. Good thing I live alone or else this might not have been an option. I'm going to finish off the PFRRN book tonight/today and give the Success Academy a call in the morning. Take care everyone...God bless.


Just read your posts. We all get side tracked for a bit, but what is important is coming back.
Sounds like you hit a rough time, but I would not have my utilities shut down to take on another bill. But call them see if you can make a small payment or get a couple weeks on paying. If you can't be comfortable at home, it is hard to concentrate on your business.
What will help you get some inexpensive support is finding a REI club near you.
Just found a good one not far from me. Tomorrow they have their monthly "breakfast", where some of them get together again and talk about the deals. Their monthly meetings are once a month in the evenings, but this is extra that they do.
So here is the greatest thing yet!!!
I decided to go back to the hospital and see if I could get about 20hrs a week to help financially and get some benefits..did not go on line, but to the HR dept..Had someone there help me with the online application, and hit pay dirt!!!!
TALK REAL ESTATE TO EVERYONE!! She just sold her house, asked me what investors do, and she liked me and asked if I would find her a home, asap... she just sold hers, has over $150k to purchase, and doesn't like pushy Realtors.
Then..I put ads on craigslist looking for a house to purchase, for her, and again hit on other good things. Not only did someone call me and ask if they found me a property, would I pay them a bird dog fee, they are from my area and the are part of the DG family!! And we are getting together to work some deals!!!
I know the Lord has His hand in this, and I also found 2 good house deals I can assign or possibly L/O from my ads. They are not what this lady wants, but they are from an investor retiring.
Take care of you!!
My brother, who is a very successful business man, and has been in touch giving me business advice.
I got side tracked too, just this past month, had surgery, not planned. Well my brother called to take me out for lunch while he is home from Canada. I said no because it was two days after surgery and I was tired and depressed too. He made me meet him at a store, bought me some new clothes, then filled up my gas tank on the car. Now do you know what that did for me?? Then found out that afternoon they got all the cancer. I went and got my hair cut and when we feel good inside, it shows to others!
So please take care of you and feel good about yourself again, and don't deny the comforts of home, like heat, and electric. You need to feel good about yourself or you can't put that out when you talk to people about RE investing. Remember mindset is a huge part of it. Rise above those things that bring you down, put the happy things out front and the problems on a "small bump in the road." Don't dwell on them, deal with them fast and get on with your life!
Hope to see some positive posts from you soon!

Hi Sandi!

Congratulations on getting all that cancer out. My mom had her surgery last year and they got all of it out on time also. I truly believe the Lord has his hands in everything and I know he will not give me more than I can handle and that keeps me going. Thank you so much for giving me a second opinion. I ended up not signing up for the Success Academy this time around and opted for the running water and the lights. I'd have to say I'm pretty happy about that decision but I feel torn between the dreamer who wants success so bad he can taste the salt water on some foreign beach, and the guy who works shift work at a power plant. I don't hate my job because I'm fortunate to be in a great industry but to me, its not a living and unlike my supervisor, I don't want to be there for 30 years. To be perfectly honest I had called the Success Academy on Monday around 5pm pst. and they were closed already but I'm not sure if it was because of the holiday or not but I ended up not signing up.

Thank you Sandi for your kind words and the motivation to help me get pass this little setback. Thank you for caring enough about this newbie real estate investors to stop bye and give him a some sound advice. I thought at first I was doing this alone and on my own but now I see I was wrong. Thanks to people like you and others who have given me the extra push when I needed it and believed in me. I wish you all the best with your deals, your health and whatever else you touch, may it turn to gold.

yours truly,
Nafetalai Vanisi

ps...positive posts coming soon Smiling

studied real estate 2

studied real estate 2 hours...worked today and may have to work tomorrow. The double time money is good but at the end of the day....its not going to make me a millionaire...not even close.

I'm with you

Hi vizhns,
I'm struggling to get going. I started journal, as well...santafegal. I've been out of work since 2009. I try to get to websites, but get mired in all the information and links. I hesitate to join sites like but know that I should. Let's keep encouraging each other.


Hi santafegal! The only way we fail is if we stop. I had to put off joining the success academy but I will be signing up as soon as my finances allow me to. I know we can do this. If anyone can, ANYONE CAN! I truly believe that. My laptop just took a crap on me but just a temporary bump in the road. In 5 years from now let's look back at our journals and see how far we've come...God bless.

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