Mike's journal

Mike's journal

I actually meant to start this last week, however I'm working back to back 72's and I can hardly move. I have today off, then another 72 hr week, then back to normal hopefully. I'm an operations tech at a power plant on Long Island, and we're in a huge boiler outage.

So I believe that I'm on the right track. I read and listened to a lot of successful real estate investors these past few months and doing everything that they said to do plus some of my own stuff.

1) Put out lots and lots of flyers. I would say about 4 different towns so far in Queens. Some are ghost add flyers( which resulted in the most phone calls). I put them up in supermarkets, laundry mats, a few home depots, 99 cent stores, and a couple of train stations.

RESULTS: About 3 hours after I put up some of the flyers, I received about 4 messages on my cell phone. I called back and out of the 4, was able to add 2 to my buyer's list. As the days gone by I continued to get multiple calls, resulting in more possible buyers.A few of the callers were other local investors who were very interested in buying from me when I had a great deal.
I've continued to put up more flyers with little time I've had these past couple of weeks.

2) Read "Be a real estate millionaire" by Dean Graziosi and I'm reading "Profits from real estate right now" for the second time. Also reading " Think and grow rich" by Napolean Hill. I have a list of real estate and sales books waiting for me to read....
"Getting to yes" "Trump strategies for real estate" " Buying real estate without cash or credit" Invessting in foreclosures" "The richest man in Babylon"...I think you get the picture.

RESULTS: Knowledge!!

3) Contacted other investors and spoke to them personally on different ways they got started. I didn't just call them up and bother them. I emailed them first to ask them if it would ok to call. I good a lot of OK's.

RESULTS: After speaking with an investor in Indianapolis I'm listing some of his properties and will split the profit 50/50 if any are sold. We speak about once a week, and he gives me tips here and there. I also have an app to meet up with another investor in the area to go over a few things and possibly work a little together. He told me that somebody helped him when he got started and he wanted to do the same. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE I WASN'T AFRAID TO ASK.....ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.

4)I joined a few Real Estate clubs

RESULTS: Have 2 meetings next month. I'm excited and very confident that these meet ups will give me big opportunities.

I will continue to keep you informed. I also would like to thank everybody in the DG family for all the support. Hopefully one day I will be able to do the same.


Hi Mike

It is great to read the stories of people that are committed to something and have a plan to get there. And how they not only accomplish it but fight thru tough times at the same time. AND you definitely are one of those!!

I hope your JOB settles down and gives you a little more time to spend on your REI dream. I also hope things are getting better with your little man!! He is lucky to have a Dad like you. Best of luck Mike to you and your lovely family.



We seldom get what we want, but we will always get what we expect.


Thank you very much Steve, it's very much appreciated. My son is doing good these days...a few scares here and there, but he's a strong kid. Thank you for your concern. And my job should calm down a little in a couple of weeks. Then I should be able to get down to business Smiling

Another day

Yesterday wasn't bad. I took a little ride through my old neighborhood (Queens village), with my camera and notebook. I was surprised to see how many homes that were unkept. I took down about 12 addresses in 6 blocks.....WOW!! One house actually had a small cheap "for sale" sign in the window. Usually around this area you only see Remax or century 21 signs. I took down the number. I'll call it tomorrow. I began to look up some of the addresses when I got home, and was thinking of sending letters or post cards to the owners asking if they were interested in selling. The amount of homes that appeared to be in distress was overwhelming.
So here are a few things I did to better myself as a real estate investor.

Contd from the other day:
5)Got my 24 hr phone message #

RESULT: Not many calls so far
Testing to see what works the best, I put up flyers with my cell # and my email address. And flyers with the 24 hr message service # and my email address. So far I noticed that people rather call the cell #, more than the 24 hr message, which surprised me. I would've thought one would feel more comfortable speaking to a recording, rather than contacting me personally. The good thing is, this is probably a sign of aggression and desire to buy quick.
6)I Only listen to motivational CDs. NO RADIO OR NEWS while driving

Just finished 2 Anthony Robbins ebooks, and now listening to " The 7 habits of highly effective people."

RESULT: Motivation, knowledge

hello Mike

I am new on here and its great to read the story of how you are getting started. I ordered deans "YOUR TOWN YOUR REAL ESTATE PROFITS" and got Profit for RE Right Now, starting with this one first. I was looking for a way to finally realize my dreams of becoming a millionaire and be able to help and give back, but most importantly have control of my income and life. I have also decided to do some personal development, started with think and grow rich, Richest man in Babylon, Anthony Robbins( I plan on attended one of his live events this year. I have started to network with realtors and investor via facebook its amazing the people you can find on there. I am looking for REI clubs in my area and in Atlanta where I plan to invest later this year once I move there.

Well continue success and keep taking action. Looking forward to getting to know you.

A wacky couple of weeks...

So its been a couple of weeks since writing anything in my journal. My work schedule just started to slow down....thank goodness. I'm back to 48 and sometimes 60 hr work weeks, so I should have more time to concentrate on real estate. I've also been dealing with problems with the wife. We've been having these problems for the past year, went to counseling a couple of times, continued to try and work things out, but it just seems to be getting worse. We decided to split up/get a divorce. It really kills me, cause my son and I are very close. I guess we'll see what happens. Sometimes you got to leave it in God's hands. Ok, lets change the subject. Finished listening to a couple of good motivational audio books..."Cracking the Millionaire code" and "The think big manifesto" and still with the non stop reading. I called the school where I'm going to be taking my RE classes to get my license and found out that I could start taking classes next week. I just got to go online and check out the schedule. So I'm excited about that. I continue to drive around different areas and take down addresses of homes that look distressed or abandoned. I started sending postcards to some of these houses also (stating that I may be interested in buying). Just had business cards made up and actually just received them today (I'm very impressed). I've been talking to a couple of other RE investors in the neighborhood and spoke to them about co-wholesaling with them which worked out well. I will be meeting up with one of them this week to check out a couple of his properties and talk some numbers. I also have a RE meet up group meeting this Saturday which I'm happy about since this will be my first. Lets see what else....hmmm? Oh I almost forgot, I called about 6 banks in the surrounding area and requested info on REO's. I still have a few more to call this week. I'm sure I left out a few things since I'm rushing.... oh well, next time. Talk to you all soon. God bless.


Mike I am so impressed with your

attitude and your drive to reach your goals. The marital situation is heartbreaking and I went thru the same situation 10 years ago. I made some serious mistakes that weakened my ability to provide for my 2 young boys. I thought if I went thru the divorce as a nice guy that we might get back together...NOT. I didnt even get a lawyer, and I didnt contest anything her lawyer offered which was a very bad decision. My advise may sound kinda harsh, but get yourself a good lawyer and fight for your son, your financial position and your ability to provide him a good life. Joint custody is a must..it is non negotiable! You are an intelligent and compassionate man, and you are correct we must put everything in Gods hands and trust Him. But, He gave you a brain and a conscious and I dont think He wants you to let one over ride the other.
Your responsibility is for your son now, not for your wife.

It is great to hear that you are making strides in your REI and Im sure we will all be hearing good things about your success.

Best of luck to you Mike, and God Bless you, your son and your wife.



We seldom get what we want, but we will always get what we expect.

Thanks Steve!

I appreciate all your kind words, wishes and advice. No matter what trials I may go through, I always try to keep a peaceful and positive attitude.



I'm just checking in on you.
Life throws us all curve balls from time to time.
Glad to see you're still pushing forward.
Keep your head up, think positive and stay focused.
Remember the things you're doing now is for your future.


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Thanks Mike. Nice hearing from you. You always have good positive advice. I just logged into DG to take a break from all the cold calling. Not doing bad today. Between all the emailing last night and all the calling today, I'm making some progress. Added a few people to my buyer's list today (solid people). A few other people I put to the side, but they still may be valuable. I got to actually get ready for work....working the night shift this week.


buyer's list....

Today was a slow, yet somewhat of a progressive day. I worked the night shift last night so only had a few hours to try and achieve anything, plus I was watching my 4 year old. I continued to cold call....went on various REI websites and searched for investors in the area and basically just called if I was able to get a number and/or emailed them stating that I was an investor in the area and was interested in co-wholesaling with them. I also put up a few more adds out there. I got a couple of calls(1 qualified buyer/seller and 1 new investor) and I also received a couple of emails with interested investors. I'm getting up there in my buyer's list, which is full mostly with other investors......I guess that's a good thing, right? Of course I'm still on my reading /studying frenzy, which will never end, and will start going to classes for my license in a couple of weeks. So maybe I'll start to look for sellers and homes in the area. I always look for homes, just been concentrating more on a buyer's list. Also there are a few other things I got to look into. Is it true that in order to get a pof letter, you have to have an LLC or Inc? I was told to hold off on a LLC until I start making some deals. Oh well, I'll figure it out. Until next time, God Bless, and keep moving that real estate.


journal continued...

Not much done these last few days. A couple of Co wholesaling offers to a few investors that seem to be working out well. And trying to find out who keeps ripping down my flyers in my area....lately it seems like they're getting to them only a couple of hours after I put them up. I had my business cards in one of those holders in a couple of stores on the same block and I went back to check the status of them about 3 hours later, and they were gone...LOL. I asked the store owners and both said that they had no idea what happened to them. I'm sure its some struggling agent doing this...who knows? I don't like to blame anyone, but for crying out loud, this things cost money! OK, not much $ but its just the point.
I think I'm going to put some more flyers up this weekend and park outside the store for a little while to see if I can catch the mystery thief...LOL again.

I also just built my new website. I already got Deans free one, just figured I'd build my own personal one....maxwellpropertysolutions dot com. It should be up in about 24 hrs. I'm actually pretty impressed. I've also been following some of Preston ely training, and that other Guy Zack...?? I forget his last name. I also just had some more " I'll buy your house" flyers and started sending out to some homes that look like they may be in distress in high home demand neighborhoods. I guess I'm just taking it day by day, and continuing to keep a positive attitude. I love this stuff!!!

God less and have a GREAT Easter,

Just saying Hi, Keep it up, and Happy Easter

I like your drive and ambition. Sounds like you have your plate full with a demanding job and difficult personal situations - but you are pushing ahead with RE. I respect that. I pray God give you that internal and eternal peace and pour His favor over you.


Blessings & Favor,
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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13

Psalm 1:1-3

thank you Gena

I truely appreciate your kind words Gena. Life can be rough and God sometimes brings some trials here and there but really all you can do is live them, learn from them and continue to do what you got to do. If I wanted to go on and live the regular 9-5 bring home the weekly paycheck and relax on the weekend ( not that that's what my current job is like anyway...LOL) I wouldn't be trying to succeed in RE. I know its going to be a stressful and strenuous road ahead of me, but its what I've chosen to do. And each day for me is just another learning experience. I believe if you come into this business expecting instant luxury and happiness, you're going to have a hard time and become very frustrated. I welcome failure. I know that sounds bad and I'm sure a lot of people would disagree, but its going to happen I'm sure more than once, and I'll learn from it and hopefully succeed the next time around. Well lets all hope I'm right on that one Smiling.
Again thank you.

God bless,

Building a team...

OK it's been a little while since I wrote anything in my journal. I've been busy trying to build a buyers list and a team. So the other day a co worker of mine told me about somebody that he knew of who was a superstar young RE agent. So I sent him an email almost exactly like Matt's..... however I did change a few things. And this was the reply:

Michael: I know exactly what you're talking about! I've been there done that with so many investors and buyers. I believe once you see how I work, you will see how I'm a hustler, a pitbull, a go getter, and I know exactly how to negotiate. I build great trusting loyal relationships with my clients and because of that, it always ends up as a win win situation. I also have a great real estate attorney that I use on my team as well. I'm glad craig recommended me. He's a great guy. Ill show you exactly how I'll help you. Why don't you come in my office say monday and we'll go over your goals and plans. There's a blimpie next door ill get us some sandwiches and we'll discuss how we'll meet your goals! Talk to you soon.

Now the problem is that I'm a little nervous, since this guy probably thinks I have lots of money, and probably thinks I'm a professional....which I'm not--YET. If anybody has any tips for me, I'd appreciate it.


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