Darwin's Journal

Darwin's Journal

First let me say as a new investor its a lot to grab at one time. So Im trying to break it down in parts.

Well not really one for keeping a journal sounds like a diary or some thing but if it help me get to where I want to be in life well here goes. I will enter stuff onces a week.

1. went to my bank to get a list of reo or talk with the person over them was told I had to go on line were all the listings were. did that and they all were assigned to a realtor.

2. drove in the area where I think would be a good place to start, found alot of houses for sale some buy owner also found a few that were vacant got the address and will go to the courthouse later this week to find the owners.



That's great. The 1st steps. I hope you find this as exciting as I do. There are alot of fun caring, knowledgable people here.

You've taken action to secure your future. Nice job.


"Winners never quit and quitters never win."-Vince Lombardi

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Got a call from a realtor today said she would like to work with me, told her I was still looking and send her that realtor check list waiting on her to send it back she did send a listing of house under 50k its a first.


thanks Rick

getting into it

today went to city hall found the name of vacant home owner and mad a few call looking for the home owners no luck but the pices are coming together really starting to understand what I'm supppose to do.

got a call might get into a mentor program, hope I get in.

quick thinking

found a vacant house called city hall found who the owner was but there no phone listing on the owner, this is were I'm having a lot of problems is finding the owner of the vacant houses. Well this time i was at the post office doing some things so I ask the clerk if some one move dont you guys have the fowarding address she said yes but they dont give it out so I told her what I was trying to do buy the houses she gave me the address cause she said here mother lives on that street and the houses is a eye sore. (funny ) now I hope the owner answers my letter.

Putting it out there

Put out my first set of bandit sign. only but out 10 just in case I have to take them down wont be so hard. ( taken one step at a time but pushing forward) 5 signs say I pay cash for houses the other 5 say FAST CASH for houses. (ok phone start ringing!!!!...lol)

30 days

It's sunday going to get the paper and check the mail box, My book just came 30 days to real estate cash. now this makes for a nice sunday read, going to the coffee shop. lol

day 3

Well got my book on sunday been reading it, think I'll read the whole thing first then go back and start with all the work seems like you get a better unstanding the second time around. just a little update part of my goals to just keep pushing forward an post. got an email from an ad off craigslist said they were interested in the property I had wanted me to enter the properties address, didn't do it tried to respond to the email but it came back invalid email address thats funny cause all i did was hit reply if they send it from that address it should return to the same address I would think, o well on to the next,drove my area checking on the signs I put out the other day well 4 of the 10 are gone. well put more out the weekend no not this weekend it the super bowl. my day off LOL.


Just trying to stay motivated.

OK back to work

Ok my team didn't win the super bowl o well I'm a browns fan anyway(lol) it's around l:00pm and I just got off the phone with another investor who I add to my buyers list. more coming!!! just remember take action.

making sure I play by the rules

had to re-read posting rules my bad. wont happen again, Still moving forward.

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