California Gold Country DG Family Network

California Gold Country DG Family Network

Purpose: Networking in the California Gold Country
I was looking for a net working group but found none for the gold country specifically. I am a Real Estate Agent/Investor, that is interested in helping others. I became a agent to increase my knowledge of the industry and to help my investing.

Success is better served by the sharing of it with others. My desire is to reach the goal of growing my Real Estate Business by helping others with theirs. When you contact me , I will not view you as just a buyer or seller but as a life long Networking Partner and Real Estate Business Associate.

I work in Nevada County and Placer County which is east and north of Sacramento Ca. I would like to benefit from the experience of the successful, and I am willing to share my experience to help others become successful.


Network, Network, Network!

I had a phone conversation the other day with a successful Real Estate Investor. He had been making deals for a few years and as you would imagine had gained some insights. The one that I took away that I think would be most helpful had to do with "your network".

The bottom line was that your network is vital to your success. Your network includes: your Real Estate Professionals, your lenders, investors, partners, people in your investment club and anyone else that you talk to and make aware of what you are doing.
Grow and expand your network and your success will grow as well. Network, Network, Network!

Contacts and Public Visibility

Keeping yourself active and visible, with advertising and networking activities, will increase your contacts and therefore your deals. Contacts and public visibility are important tools in your inventory and should be utilized as much as possible.


I would love to network with you, Allthough I am in Los Angeles County, and am currently working out of San Bernardino County, I would love to network with you. I know great Realtor's / Investor friends. I am currently looking for a Good Finance Broker. To Fund some of my lease options with families in need of some help. I joined DGfamily in December. 2008 Just Private Msg me ok.
Love to chat with you!


Sonoma County, Sacramento

Hi Holez,

I'm in Sonoma County, and I extremely want to be active in REI in my area, including Sacramento where my brother lives (it's only 2 hours away, not bad, and MUCH cheaper than here). Especially knowing that Sacramento is undergoing so many foreclosures and all...sounds like a great time to start.

I just bought the books last week and haven't received them yet, but have been actively getting a head start by studying this site, listening to Dean's audio clips, reading others' advice and stories on the forums, researching home prices online, etc. I can't wait to learn more, and am starting to see that networking IS the ticket to being most successful with this.

So, although I don't know much yet, I would like to network with you. Anything you can do to help me would be extremely appreciated, and likewise - let me know if I can do anything to help.

Question - what have you learned about increasing public visibility? (I know with a RE license you can have your picture and ad around town - but without one, what other options are best?) I would imagine craigslist as one option, and visiting as many REI meetings as possible, but curious what else you've learned. And, how will this help specifically?




I am new to this, and appreciate any advice and assistance! My goal is to own a home of my own, a few rental properties for monthly income, and to fix-up and re-sell as many properties as possible. If I can "green" these properties, that's even better! Thank you.

Thanks for your interest

Thanks for your interest, from the research I have done and the people I have talked to, I think networking is vital.

LilyfrmLA tried to send introductory PM to you but was unable to find PM ICON. Would love to chat.

Valerian, the opportunities to increase Public Visibility are only limited by your imagination. Craig's list adds are good and I have received a few responses. Real Estate Investment Clubs are another good source of visibility and a good contact generating opportunity. is a good source of free contact groups where as traditional REI Clubs require a small fee to attend. I have not attended a paid club meeting but seasoned investors I have talked to say its worth the fee for the contacts. The bottom line is to put yourself out there.

Good Luck and I look forward to talking with both of you.


My name is Bryan, I am currently working out of the greater sacramento area. Willing to work with anyone who is interested. Just pm me.

Thanks Bryan

Thanks Bryan for posting. I will shoot you a PM. I'm interested in the foothills east of Sacramento as well as the Sac metro area. Towns like Folsom , Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Roseville , Newcastle, Auburn and on eastward, and any were west into the city. I'm interested in working all aspects of real estate so what do you got?

Talk to you soon.

JUMPING IN! Not from your area, however ...

Hey Holez, Smiling

LilyfrmLA, what is the deal with the no PM? I cannot talk to you anymore?

Anyhow, I have, as part of my team, an investor with property all over the country. How does "I have quite a few lots in coastal San Diego ..... cleared and are now ready for rebuilding" sound to you?

Coastal San Diego? Good Area? (Seriously, I have no clue about this area and where you are in relation to it)
Anyone know any rehabbers, contractors who would like to build in this area? REI clubs are a great place for this as well as online of course.

Send a PM, This Investor is willing and able to finance some deals.


Thanks for posting

Hi Angela, thanks for posting. I'm about 8 hours north of San Diego. I have acquaintances in that area and it is desirable in some parts. LilyfrmLa is a lot closer, and probably be a better contact for that area.

Orange County

I am also new and am currently looking for investors to build my network. I would love to meet more people in the area and network with other people in surrounding areas. If I can help in anyway please let me know.

Hi Kisha, thanks for posting

Hi Kisha, thanks for posting and offer of help. Members of the network helping each other can only accelerate everyone who participates success.

Kisha frm the OC

Hello Kisha,
Orange County has great REI clubs, maybe next week or so you and I can meet at one. I used to work in Fullerton so thats how I stumbled upon some of them. So far my focus has been properties in L.A. County thats where I live but, OC has great potential for great deals. Placentia, especially. Send me a PM or my email is on my profile. Ok have a nice day.


A constant vigil is needed.

A constant vigil is needed. Opportunities to expand your network come by all the time, it is just a matter of opening your mouth and to talk about real estate. Buy doing so I have come up with 2 new professionals in as many days. You need more than just the pros in your network, anybody around you may prove to be the deal or the person who knows of the deal. Imagine standing in line at the grocery store and find your next contract assignment or finders fee. Keep at it and keep yourself visible.

Lets make money

Lets make money; this is a call for action. All area Investors, Bird Dogs, anyone active in REI lets put together a deal. If you are on this site and interested in Deans materials then you either are or are growing into some one that I would like to work with. Lets talk about it. Talking leads to deals, I'm pretty sure anyone who has put together a deal would agree.

Los angeles

Hi my name is Ricardo trying to still do my first deal i already have an investor looking to buy in san fernando 60% fmv. But i cant see to come across anything. Need help

Hi Ricardo

Have you tried the MLS for properties on the market for a long time. To achieve the profit spread you are looking for will most likely be made by your negotiations. Everybody's properties are gold to them and you need to nock some of the gleam of it for them, point out things about the property the reduce value. Bank owned properties (listed on MLS) are coming in at better and better profit spreads do to numbers available, slower less emotional negotiations. Other traditional places are classifieds, you can also place adds offering to buy and find properties that way. Which ever way you go negotiations are going to make your spreads, low ball and keep at it. ITS A NUMBERS GAME!

Keeping at it

Keeping at it. I have been expanding my resources and will gladly make them available to others in the DG family. Networking and keeping yourself out there are very important. If you do not have exposure you will not have as much opportunity.

This one's from Granada Hills CA

Hi, guys! Rod here from Granada Hills, also a newbie in RE investing. Any help from u guys would really be appreciated. I'm trying to do assignments and my plans for today include choosing props from the over-90-day MLS listing. She (my agent) will also send me those that have expired contracts (to sell) with their REAs. By the way, could my REA benefit from bird dog deals I put together? If so, tell me how and how much is fair for my REA.

Sounds like you are doing it

Sounds like you are doing it. I would suggest spending time on networking specifically. Bird Dog fees are negotiable don't sell your self short, how much is your time worth. I haven't collected one yet but have been trying. I'm looking for $1000 -$2000 depending on for sale buy owner or buy agent. By agent being cheaper. Good luck!


Hired by a great RE Broker

Hired by a great Nevada County RE Broker. My resources have been expanded greatly and again I want to offer my help to the DG family. No matter what level of success you are looking for, your network is a key component in your REI tool box.

Contacts and Public Visibility

Keeping yourself active and visible, with advertising and networking activities, will increase your contacts and therefore your deals. Contacts and public visibility are important tools in your inventory and should be utilized as much as possible.

Sacramento & Gold Country

Networking is definitely important. I am currently and continuously trying to improve my networking. I am in Sacramento, but also work in Nevada, Placer, El Dorado, and Yolo counties. I have been working with 2 mentors and have picked up a lot. I would love to network with anyone. Please feel free to contact me at or PM me.

build your team

Build a great team through networking and you can't fail you are on the right track here.

Good luck.



Chico and points north

Hello everyone.

Looking forward to networking with anyone in our area. We are looking at a couple of properties. One is an apartment complex which was abandoned by the builder/contractor. About half finished. The person I talked to said about 1.5 mil to get into it. Still negotiating though. Any one know any investors interested in this size investment? Send PM

Good luck to everyone
Dave and Cindy

Investor friendly Realtor

Investor friendly Realtor in The California Gold Country, serving Nevada and Placer Counties.


I'm a newbie in Orange County and would like to network with you.

Great! Welcome aboard.

Great! Welcome aboard. My best suggestion for you is to build your knowledge base and your network. Communication is tool to use to accomplish this, ask questions and your network will answer. Your network will also provide you with deals and partners at some point, maybe not today maybe not everyone in your network, but your network will provide.

Good Luck

Alameda County

I'm over here in Alameda County and I am interested in doing deals in Sacramento and beyond. As well as here in the east bay.

Maybe we could kick some ideas around.

Absolutely, I welcome the opportunity.

Absolutely, I welcome the opportunity.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Dixon, California

Dixon, California


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