Edge Home Study Course 2015

Edge Home Study Course 2015

I am returning, I have the Edge Home Study Course, I am excited about the future, however, I am paralyze about starting. It's making that first call to a realtor and not having the cash flow to invest makes me nervous.

Any support will be definitely welcomed.


Jennie Ortiz


Hi just go and do it, they are only people just like you.You talk to people you probly never have met before in your day to day activities, study some more if you need to but just do it, your not alone, but just do it, it gets easier every time you do it, what can they say to you, either they are interested or they are not in working with you, so what, if they wont call the next one and keep going, you will have fun with this, much success , Jim



Buyers List

Build a good buyers list. They will have the money.


exactly, your buyers will have the $ you dont have to fear if you have a good buyers list. another way to look at it is you are the property acquisition side of the business and your "partners" or buyers are the side of the biz that actually do the rehab & then flip the hm or rent them out. Smiling

You are a legitimate investor a creative one albeit but still an investor IF you have a solid buyers list, so dont make offers until you have at least 20 buyers ok. Smiling God bless.



Go faster do more! GFDM!

Check your PM

Check your Private messages


Reynold Orozco


Jennie - I'm just starting too & have been fearing that 1st call I needed to make to a realtor.

I have been putting it off all week - Well, I finally did it today. I just followed the script explaining what I want to do ...asked the questions about where the hot spots are & where investors are most active, explained the criteria, etc. Then I asked for the list of cash buyers in last 120 days & for him to email me the 5-10 listings that would be best for me.

I must admit, I had to psych myself up - I used my wife & kids for motivation - I asked myself what kind of husband/father/role-model would I be if I couldn't do make a phone to make our lives better? I also used Dean's 7 levels deep exercise.

I was making it way more scary than it was - and I'm sure you can do it too.




Fear the Fear not the deal

You can overcome sickness, colds, birth, bad relationship and man oh man the list can grow!! But you fear some agent might say something to make you feel bad. So, what....Call another..and another until you find what you need. Come on Thomas Edison tried 1,000s of times before he got it right...Tough love here..Get it done...Keith

Thank you everyone for your

Thank you everyone for your input, very well appreciated. But one question,how.do I start with the first buyer,where do I find them?


Jennie Ortiz

Just get to it

I know that is easier said than done. You can do what I did. I called agents in other states that I would never touch. After I realized they wouldn't kill me, I began to email agents in my area. I emailed 20 and got three to send me listings and working with those three right now.


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