All People in North Shore area of MASSACHUSETTS

All People in North Shore area of MASSACHUSETTS

My name is Ron and I am located in Saugus, Massachusetts and I would be happy to trade and exchange ideas and information.

I will be investing in 3 Bedroom homes in and around Saugus, Massachusetts.

The homes will be 50 to 70% FMV.

I already have a Buyer's list but I am looking to add names to it.

My number is 617-803-0171


Here's an idea!

Go to 4 banks and create an auction for houses (lowest bidder wins). Also get a quad-plex to rent out for the summer for $5,000 a week.

Yeah, Zbryda! I am sorry but I do not understand your post

What exactly do you mean by go to 4 Banks.

Do the Banks own the properties and if they do why would they have me doing an Auction of there properties. I would need an Auctioneer's License to do this.

I like to stir up Creative Juices here and get ideas as well as share them but I am a little unclear as to how your idea would be executed and if it actually would work.

Thanks for the idea anyways. This is how we come up with New Ideas. Think, think, think.



REOs are bank owned, find homes you like and pick one from each bank and have your own auction on the phone.


Good luck with everything !

Paul Smiling

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