Looking To Network With Investors (N.Y.C., Queens, L.I.)

Looking To Network With Investors (N.Y.C., Queens, L.I.)

I Am A Private Investor.
Looking To Network With Others Investors
I Work Out Of The Border Line Of Brooklyn, And Queens.
The Outcome Will Be Outstanding. Two Heads Are Better Then One!
Do Not Hesitate To Call For A Possible New Business Partner!

Call For Further Information At 347 407-5077 Charlie
Or Send Me A Private Message For My Email Address.


A New Yorker right here..

Hi lpzenterprize. I'm definitely interested in networking with you. I will contact you on tomorrow. Takeya


The race isn't given to the swift, but to those who'll endure to the end.

You didn't finish your

You didn't finish your e-mail address.
I will e-mail you a description of a home i am wholesaling once you fix your address.

Not Allowed To Post E-mail

I Am Not Allowed To Post My Email Address. Send Me A Private Message


Im interested as well,and will email you as well. The last post had no email though

Met with Investors. Got My Foot In The Door

I have found a few Investors I Can Work With. I Called bandit signs, newspaper ad's etc. I met up with one today who does all cash deals and Short Sales. I have an appointment with a motivatd seller to meet up with us next week. YEAH BABY!!!

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