Kahului, HI - "Success Partner"

Kahului, HI - "Success Partner"

Looking for a success partner with a "can-do" attitude to bounce ideas off of. Someone who is family-oriented, goal-oriented, focused on real estate investing and making their dreams their reality for their family. Preferably female.
Open to a long-distance partner who is saavy with the computer, internet, email, etc. as technology closes the distance gap.



Hi I would love to partner with you
get back to me at iinvestwithcash@****

Seeking S.A., Aust.,NewBrnfls., Texas Success Partners

There's safety in numbers, I once heard! And I am new to investing so I am looking for some local support,around New Braunfels, San Antonio, or Austin Texas some positive,upbeat and motivated real estate oriented "can do" minded people. Someone to bounce ideas off of and learn togther with. I am web friendly and advertising marketing type, but need creative financially open minded listeners. If nothing else just a sounding board someone to think out loud with. Someone who knows dreams can become reality people help eachother. Preferably female

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