Need help from north bay area in CA!

Need help from north bay area in CA!

I need some one help me.
Since I have learned many new things from Dean and every body in this site, I believe I can change my situation. However, my broker doesn't believe about all of this and told me not to listen or read something like this because these are all scam.(sounds familier doesn't it?) He is personally a nice person and he helped me a lot when I got divorce and purchased my current condominium where I live now.

Currently, I am looking for a new single family home for me and my daughters and sell this condo before my interest only loan is expired. He is trying to get a bank pre-approval but he said my income is not enough and situation is complicate.
His plan is use all my money includes my small 401k but I think I can do some thing better with Dean's strategy without use all my money and get another new loan for rest of my life. I read Dean's book so many times and come this site every day but still my English is not strong enough to convince him or deal with bank. So if I could meet some one who is doing this in my area(little north from Oakland) and give me an advice, would be gratfull. Please contact me. Thank you for reading.


Your Condo....

I would would find out about getting a REFI to a 30 fixed rate loan on that condo & if you know the price of the payment is going to be reasonable or too high then I would for sure sell it NOW so you don't mess up your credit & just rent if you have to while you look for another house!


Shiela Meadows-Bailey shes a member here and also around your area she just might be able to help you.


Thank you for your reply

My credit is oky so far and actually I already figured out that I have to sell my condo. I am looking for a house and am going to ask low price of course but my broker seems doesn't like what I am talking about. I think he was surpprised that I got so much knowledge about RE. I need talk to some one in person any way and make sure my idea will work. Thank you. Have a great weekend.

I was going to say,,,

Sorry, I think I made you confused. I wan going to say that I do not want have another long term loan. It is hard to explain in writing. I will contact Shiela Meadows-Bailey when she is available but thank you so much for your support. I am happy that I have some one who care about me like a family.

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