Chicago Investors Group

Chicago Investors Group

Hello fellow Chicago DG Community,

I've searched and searched and haven't really found any solid Chicago networking meetings/discussions for us DGers. I would like to gather all of us DGers in the Chicago/Chicagoland area and arrange a meeting to get to know everyone, strengths/weaknesses, exchange ideas and potentially become partners. I would really like to get this going ASAP and am willing to find a location that is centrally located for us. Let's keep this an open discussion and as your Reply, please include

-Where you are from
-How long ago you started
-Available times that work for you
-Areas that work for you



Chicago Investors Group


I'd be interested in meeting fellow DGers.
I live in the south suburbs of Chicago.
Have been following Dean for over a year.
I am available at different times; evenings and weekends are easy for me
I canget away during weekdays with a little notice.
Willing towork inall areas ormeet somewhere centrally located.

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