Central Valley California

Central Valley California

Is there any other DG students in this area? Love to brainstorm with you?


New DG student here from central California (Modesto)

How long have you been a DG student?

Stockton,CA here

Hi DGers welcome to the site and to investing RE deals. I would love to chat with you about stratagies,or any q's you may have. Currently I am working with realtors to bird dog properties to make a profit. I have started to build a great repor with a few banks,lenders,Title Companies ect... I am building my buyers list, as well as my profit team. My backround in is the Mortgage Industry I was a Sr. Loan Processor for 12 years. My goal is to be financially secure in the next 5 years.
Talk to you soon!



from stockton also

@ MJlooking4RealEstate pm me lets chat

Sacramento CA.......

I'm in Sac. Anyone looking to network PM me. Let's talk!


To get something you've NEVER HAD
DO something you've NEVER DONE.

New DG Student from Central CA

In Tracy, building a buyer's list, 5 weeks into dg academy, new to real estate, need to build a team, would be good to meet other dg students.




central valley

New student here. Ordered the book a couple days ago and just reading the forums gaining knowledge. I am starting behind the ball a lil bit but nothing that can't be fixed in a month or two. I have a job so thats a good thing right? I would love to network with anyone willing to work with a newbie, I'm in Gustine.

Hi, I'm in the central

Hi, I'm in the central valley as well. I'm in Gustine, have you found any real estate groups in the valley? I am just starting my journey and it looks like you have alot of experience about the market around here. Any help you may be able to give would be greatly appreciated.

Central valley investors

Hello everyone, I am not yet a student but I have read Deans books and I am working towards becoming a student of Deans. I have taken several courses in real estate and have yet to find one that gives results, however I have to be honest with you all, after reading Deans books I was impressed with the information he offered and I am preparing to move forward with this new endeavor, call me a procrastinator. I look forward to conversing with you all soon and best of luck to you all.


I am almost half way with the book and I just received it yesterday. I haven't done anything yet but after reading some of the success stories in there I KNOW we can all do this...best of luck to you and if any of you in the central valley would like to network feel free to contact me...LETS DO THIS!

New To DG from Stockton

I am almost done reading the two books. I plan on reading both again to help absorb the material which will help me to build up confidence to implement this program. I would love to hear some local success stories. Are there any local rei clubs that DG students attend? Thanks in advance for any replies and feel free to PM me.



I am in Merced County, I look forward to networking with you as I am now officially moving towards joining the team. I will be looking for your postings on this sight and will record my progress as it develops. How can I contact you?.


I have a potential client that is considering doing a shortsale in Stockton, do you have ant buyers interested in Stockton?.

San Francisco bay area

Hey everyone!

I'm new to real estate but super motivated and ready to get started. I have started building my buyers list and would like to continue at that and eventually knock my first assignment deal out the way. Anyone in the area want to chat and see if we can work together, by all means, pm me. I'm always looking to network to help build my confidence and knowledge.



♥ Christa

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