Does anyone really care if we quit or succeed?

Does anyone really care if we quit or succeed?

I've been searching for answers and the only answer I get from here is pay for a mentor and all will be good. I've sunk every penny we have into this and have nothing to show but more monthly payments. I've tried repeatedly to find help and no one is willing unless we pony up money that we don't have. Some kind of help and I'm finding out more and more that is the way they operate. If I'm wrong, contact me Dean and set me straight.


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I'm Sorry You Feel that way

I think there are many people who have been successfull without the mentoring/success academy program. I bought my first house using the techniques from the books and this website. You can be successful, you have to put in the time, do the research and make the right decisions. I don't think Free Indeed who is a very successful wholesaler, did the program, she just got the books. We all care about everyone being successful on this site, but YOU are the determining factor that is going to make that happen.


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What questions do you have that you need answers to? I am sure all your questions can be answered on this forum.


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think about it this way

The only thing that really matters should be how you feel about your selve.You do not have to shell out money.Think of it as an adventure feel like its the first time find ways to make your life better be creative,go for it. Make calls talk to people act as if you maid deals before'use your imagination feel good about who you are as a person,even pray believe me there is nothing wrong with asking for some help from a higher power. I was where you are right now I just decided to do some thing about it.If you think you got what it takes to be a real estate investor thin do some thing about it.You owe it to your selve.Can't wait to read your sucess story.

call the office everyday!

There is a support line that will give you help. You just need to know what questions to ask. Thats my issue I don't really understand enough to know exactly what to ask??? Hang in there EagleCrest be positive and go for it!!!


When you plant a seed, the roots go down, before it sprouts up. It's up to you and only you to continue to build the muscle that you will keep going until. A very small percent only make it & the only difference between them & you is they never quit no matter how many road blocks they have come to. Our brain is so programmed that most of us put out our marketing,business cards, etc. & after 3-4 months we automatically start to change our belief that it's not working & start to shift 1% backwards. I had no clue how screwed up my thinking was & that goes for most of us, until I got mentored by a very successful Investor who starts out with the mind. After being around him for a year & seeing how he thinks has changed me beyond. I wish I would of knew this earlier in life as I have some anxiety from child hood & it has went away dramatically in the last year. There's no way I would of kept going without it.


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Of course people care

There are many different ways to get going in REI. Some can pick up a book, read it, research and feel confident they have the knowledge and self discipline to run with it and acheive their goals.

Others may find they have obstacles they can't overcome on their own, need advanced help, or simply want to be accountable to a coach and fast track their goals with someone to help them every step of the way with answers, advice and direction.

Everyone is different, everyone has different needs, everyone has different goals and timelimes. Everyone here wants to see you, along with every member of the family succeed, regardless of what path you take.

If coaching is not your thing, or not possible due to financial constraints don't worry. It doesn't mean you can't succeed. There are plenty of people here willing to help you as much as they can. Just because the help and training isn't guaranteed or demand like coaching doesn't mean it isn't here. Everyone is here for the same reason and there is no shortage of opportunities, so there is no reason to not help, share and spread knowledge. Eye-wink

Good luck and don't give up!

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