How do you get rid of bad neighbors?

How do you get rid of bad neighbors?

I have located a property in my area that i may rehab and flip. It's in a decent location, good shape and needs some updating but the only problem that is holding this property back from being at it's full potential is the neighbors. They live next door, don't take care of their yard, and there house looks ran down. This house is going to have a starting bid of 10k its max potential is around $113,500.00 after some fix ups. I believe the biggest reason it hasn't sold is because of the neighbors. It is a 3 bed 4 bath home 2,324 sq ft. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Try sending the local township a tip. If they take action, the yard is cleaned up and you are free from confrontation.

Thanks DG fam.

Ill definately put these tips to work. Thanks again.

Happy Investing


Buy the house they live in. Chances are they are renters since they are not taking care of it. They probably are not taking care of their landlord money wise either. He may be a don't wanter landlord. Also call the codes enforcement people. They will give them about a week give or take to clean up their yard or they will impose a fine on them.




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if that doesn't drive people out of their homes, you might want to find another home


Before you get into any argument with them check the rules with the city, to see
what can they do about this problem because there has to be some sort of rules and regulations for this situation, that way you won't have problems in the future in case you close the deal. Best of luck. Ada

You can do nada

unless they've brought physical harm to them, the chances of them being kicked out are next to nil

if you buy their house and they have a lease you have to honor the time of the lease unless you can successfully buy them off

I think he has got it covered

Everything ELIXBROWN Said has pretty much got it covered. If you did buy the house you could always offer to pay them to move. I am sure if the price is right they will take you up on it.



Stay positive!

One of the reasons I like the DG family is that they are always positive and trying to lift one another up. Some of the comments here are straying away from that.

Have you looked into why the neighbors haven't taken care of the yard? Are they unable to for health or financial reasons? We have some neighbors who rent and the landlord got after them for the yard being REALLY overgrown. In their case, the man of the house had severe allergies and could not physically do it himself. They do what they can but could not afford a monthly yard service.

Ask questions. You may be able to help them and yourself!

Its not good to make enemys

Its not good to make enemys when your buying a house and going to renovate it.
Mad neighbors can create a lot of problems for you. Bring them some cookies when you talk to them, it may go a long way.
Talk to them and see what kind of people they are, dont assume they are bad people unless you have proof of that. they may be nice people but lazy or financially unable to do more than pay their bills to servive, ask if they would mind if you had someone take care of their yard for them because you want to do a nice thing for your new neighbors. pay some kid a few bucks to do the work and your in.
Good luck either way.

ha ha ha

Thanks all of you for these clever answers. I think the best thing that I will try is ill go talk to them, see if I can buy them out of their lease because i did find out that they are renters, or ill just go talk to the city. Although I like the idea of playing music really loud, barking dogs, or the bar b que on the property line idea but Ill keep those as an alternate route for getting rid of them. ha ha. Thanks DG fam. Much appreciated


Talk to them and say....

"hey you guys need to keep it down and keep this place cleaner because i'm buying the house next door and you're bringing down the value of the homes in this area do to your lack of cleanliness..."

That won't go over well and if you don't live on the block, it doesn't matter if you complain to the city, federal government, Salvation Army or the UN; your opinion aka 'property tax' doesn't exist because you don't live there

Good luck to you otherwise

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