Looking for Partner in Arizona, Husband is licensed Attorney/Realtor/CPA

Looking for Partner in Arizona, Husband is licensed Attorney/Realtor/CPA

Hi All,

I am new here. All three of my kids will be in school full-time this year, so I am eager to start using Dean's methods for putting real estate deals together. I have half of my team already in place, as my husband is an Attorney/Realtor and CPA. He comes from a Real Estate family...however, they have not had the opportunity to put deals together without using their own money/credit. Can't get my husband to buy into the idea that you can have poor credit, no money etc. and still make deals happen. He is all about helping me on the backside with free access to the MLS, any legal work I need done and taking care of taxes, but he needs to see a deal done to believe that Dean's methods work. Prior to becoming a Mom, 4.5 yrs ago, I was a top Sales Rep. for an IT company. I am a hunter and when someone tells me I can't do something, I make it my goal to prove them wrong! I was also a competitive athlete, so it's in my blood. I am eager to get started, but would like to work with someone that would be creative at putting deals together...Finding deals would be my thing, but being creative with financing...I know nothing about. My husband would be good for that and he will be a good resource for me and my partner, but I'd like to show him this works before I get him too involved. He would be all about quitting the Law Firm if I was able to keep him busy with Real Estate transactions. Let me know if you are interested. I'd love to talk...

P.S. My husband has recently passed the California bar and has submitted his paper work for licensing. Should be officially licensed in CA by January he says. He is also a licensed attorney in Iowa and has submitted his paperwork for Colorado. He has reciprocity in Colorado because he is licensed in AZ. So, investments outside AZ in any of these other areas(Council Bluffs, IA which borders Omaha, NE) and San Diego area would be desireable as well. We have family in both locations. Cousin owns a Mortgage company in San Diego. We also have an investment property and great connections in Telluride, Co. Although real estate is expensive there....appreciation in that area is amazing.




Tracy Coats


tracy, assignments are a good way to go, especially in arizona.....i actually live in washington state, and work for boeing, keeping me working long hours.....i started with dean in april of '08, but haven't got anything going...i need the right person to work with.....and transactions can be done via fax and email......you find the deals, we can lock them up in a contract with the owner, then look for our buyers....tell me your thoughts! hgave a great day...

Jeff(eagle investment properties, inc)

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