Looking for a great partner!!!!!!!!!

Looking for a great partner!!!!!!!!!

Im in the Atlanta Georgia currently looking forward to partnering with anyone in any state on doing deals. Im a newbie and willing to learn all the information that Dean provides is wonderful but im a hands on person. I learn faster when im actually out doing it.


Belinda Porter/ Never give up!

Welcome to the website

I think the only thing selling in Atlanta today is ice castles. LOL. I'll send you a PM regarding some ideas.


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Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Bill, thank you for the inquiry on the property listing. I also would like to form a solid partnership if you know anyone interested. Myrtle Beach has so many options with The University close by and all the snowbirds buying second homes. I feel this place is going to continue to grow. Im still learning but I feel I am starting to place myself in the right position.

Belinda, Im also looking to partner and work with anyone who has the same determination and drive. I own a small plumbing company in Myrtle Beach and I work for so many Property managers, Attorneys, Agents and Brokers who all seem to be doing the same thing....making money in Real Estate. I decided to buy Deans books and now I cant put them down. This is the beginning of my future and Im very excited to be in this town because the deals are here. Best of luck to you in Atlanta


John Trivett

Newbie living outside of the States

Hi there,

I am living in Germany and want to profit from DG's marvelous information and the US property market.

I am seeking trustworthy partner(s) to study with, bounce ideas off, research and close a lot of deals with.

I am bringing with me not only lot of enthusiasm, ability and commitment but may be able to create a new source of investors out of Europe.

The area does not matter to me as it is at the moment all the same.

I am glad to hear from anyone who wants to work together.


Is this programme possible in Hawaii?

Looking to Partner in San Diego

Anyone looking to partner in San Diego....would like to talk; licensed Realtor. Thanks,

South Carolina Real Estate

Belinda,Im also looking to partner and work with anyone who has the same determination and drive. I live in South Carolina and my brother lives in Atlanta, Georgia AS well. Lets work it out!!

I live in North Carolina

I'm also wanting to partner up with someone. I'm new to all this but I have plenty of FSBO's in my city and alot of abandoned property. All of these have been on the market for along time... like a year or more. You will not find anyone more motivated than me! I just need a solid buyer so when I tell them I can sell their house, It's true.

Looking for Partner in Eastern PA

I'm a newbie! works well with others....prefer to assist, listen & watch first while learning.

any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.




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looking to partner in Michigan

Iam looking to learn, listen an be mentored an can work well with others an Iam very honest an fair. Ieve had some great deal opportunities but couldnt find anyone to work with on those deals due to the economy. I have a great work ethic an can give referrals, love to grow have fun an make money an love to share, any help would be more than appreciated, thanks, sincerely, Jim



Nothern Calif Partner

Looking to Partner in San Jose Calif



Seeking Partners Nationwide

I would like to help anyone sell their great deals. If you can get an option on a property and be up front with the seller, I can help you sell your deals to cash buyers. And for established investors, please let me know if you are looking for properties for your existing buyers. Thanks all.


it was a great idea of DEANS, TO CREATE this site for us to network and help each other.For all of us who have wisdom and for all who have cash to buyers and for those who needs any help you couldnt have a more dedicated adopted FAMILY to call on for whatever that is needed.


Donna SIMON.I am interested in doing all of the strategies, then deciding which will be the one I am most comfortable with, but for now I would love to do wholesaling. This would definitely create fast cash, that I can use for investment in properties that I can eventually buy and hold.DEAN thank you for always creating that time to think of THE DG FAMILY AND WHAT WOULD be best FOR US.

Hi Carl H.

I am looking for anyone that wants to do transactional funding. Let me know by PM. Thanks.

Looking to learn from anyone in the Chicago area

Would love to work with somebody in the Chicago area who knows what they are doing.


Looking for partners in Northern CA area and the Bay area as well. Real estate market is hot on this area, pre-foreclosure, foreclosure.

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