wish my website was worth as much as some of these are

wish my website was worth as much as some of these are

DG.com> http://www.siteworthchecker.com/deangraziosi.com
I think this value is a little off, because they don't take into account the education products that are sold.

Zillow.com> http://www.siteworthchecker.com/zillow.com

Im building my site now & have some guys that are going to do some articles, seo & run a google ad campain for me... Im curious who else has built a website & is currently generating leads or selling products

Totalviewrealestate.com> http://www.siteworthchecker.com/totalviewrealestate.com



Good to see you back! I wondered what had happened to you.

This (siteworthchecker) is an interesting site.

Thanks for sharing.



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Hey karen

Its good to be back...Ive been so busy lately with new & exciting things I havent really had time to visit DG. I have definitely missed you guys & all of the interesting topics & conversations that come up

your REI website

I really want to know some details about who has a website & if its currently pulling leads... also is anyone using a squeeze page with free give away to entice opt ins... Using SEO... Article or video marketing???

Whats working right now guys ???


This is officially a dead post ... I was hoping to get some insight & success stories from people using websites to generate Buyer or seller leads...OOH Well

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