SoCal / OC DGers - Let's talk/meet

SoCal / OC DGers - Let's talk/meet

Hey DGers in OC & surrounding areas in SoCal,

Let's meet & talk & share.

Maybe we can create a meetup for ourselves? or whatever.

I only have limited time, maybe you too.

No matter what your experience, I'd love to chat or work together. I've met a few active investors locally and learned much, built some tools, and have some connections / info, but have limited time.

Let me know if anyone is interested in getting together soon.



PM me if you are in SoCal and want to chat or meet up. I'm in OC.

sounds good, Luis. I'll

sounds good, Luis.

I'll reach out soon.

I'd love for others to chime in as well.

I know there are more Smiling



PM me if you are in SoCal and want to chat or meet up. I'm in OC.

Any others From Socal?

Any others From Socal?


PM me if you are in SoCal and want to chat or meet up. I'm in OC.

Im In

Hey Kevin, Im in Central CA but I got some deals going on in other areas. I have learned some incredible info that can make us tons of money. Im talking Pre-Foreclosures, Underwater homes, Distressed Sellers. I know how to make money on these deals nobody else wants. And I'll show u how its done. How to find em and flip em and make $ in the middle. Rando1



Rando1, that sounds great.


that sounds great. I have a buddy who did a pre-foreclosure as well. But I definitely would love to know more. I have learned a bit about the process.
I've found a possible subject 2, my buddy did one and made $7k in a week I think.

Since you're in Central Cal, what works for you in terms of getting together - just phone, or in person?

I'm up for it either way. Gotta get work done now, but later, I'll get contact info out.



PM me if you are in SoCal and want to chat or meet up. I'm in OC.

Hey Kevin, from Diego


Kevin, How's it going? I'm here in Diego. I'd like to meet up if possible.

You can pm me.




Hey Kevin,
I'm in LA area. PM me. Smiling


Make me a blessing, make me a blessing;
Out of my life may Jesus shine.
Make me a blessing, O Saviour I pray,
Make me a blessing to someone today.

Hey Kev & Rando!

This is my second post, just networking.
I am getting started & wanting to know some realistic thoughts on California.
Have an agent that has helped, but looking for more in different areas.
Ya! Would like to learn other strategies that make sense... "Putting cash into our pockets!" Smiling
Hit me up!


From the Bay

I am here in the bay area. wanted to see how u guys were feeling about he CA region which is different then rest of the states...

any luck with REO' in the bay, banks are not letting off properties at discounts. just a little below market value. do u guys see the same in So Cal??

wats been working down there....



Is this post dead?
Just checking....


Hi you all Ilike to wok with you all as well, not from there but who knows I might move there, your all wonderful , thanks, Jim



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