Retail Buyers

Retail Buyers

Been noticing a lot of retail buyers calling my "we buy houses" signs, thought that was suppose to only attract sellers. Do anyone else notice this trend?


we buy houses

Hi well now you have retail buyers thats good because they know you will be a source for homes to buy nothing wrong with that, its hard for some to get Bank loans, in some areas of the country there are home shortages for people to buy from believe it or not, Jim



Great point..I nvr looked at

Great point..I nvr looked at it that way..about to take retail buyers as serious as investor buyers..


Any retail buyers you find, then you can add them to your Lease-Purchase list. You may come across a seller who is willing to accept good terms for a purchase instead of a lump sum of cash. As long as your retail buyer is willing to pay an amount that is more then you have to pay to the seller, then you'll make a profit (plus you get a non-refundable Option payment upfront from your retail buyer).


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Here is a FREE property analyzer I've found:

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