FSBOs and Homes on the Market 90 Days or More

FSBOs and Homes on the Market 90 Days or More

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or recorded message scripts that target FSBO's and homes that have been on the market for 90 days or more. I would like to target these sellers along with the preforeclosure and foreclosure sellers. I have been desperately trying to tweak the 24 hour script to fit this type of seller with no luck. This is really stumping me. Any help here would be great. Thanks everyone for all of your help!



Creating An Attention Getting Message

A few pointers when creating recorded messages.

If you’re going to create a recorded message, make sure that at the beginning of the message you let the caller know how long it will be! Years ago I made the mistake of creating a 4 minute long message where I was simply telling sellers know that I could buy their property. The company I used for
my 24 hour messaging system was able to produce a report that would tell me when people would hang up. I found out that on average a caller would hang up around 85 seconds!!!

No matter how desperate somebody might be to sell their home, they still have a short attention span!! With this knowledge I made an adjustment to my script where it was 75 seconds long. When somebody called, I would immediately let them know that this short 75 second message could change their life and then half way through the message I would inform
them that there is 30 seconds left. When I made that SIMPLE adjustment it increased the number of messages by 60%!!!! I was upbeat with my message, I made it personal, I let the seller know that I was not a large
company out of state, so in doing this I created a sense of urgency!!

My script was very simple ... I hit on the following bullet points;
1. I told the caller that the information they will hear in the next 75 seconds could change their life!

2. I stressed to them I’m a cash buyer that can put money in their hands within 7-10 days.

3. I told them that I’m not selling anything, I’m only looking to buy properties with cash. I re-iterated that I HAVE the money available to purchase the right property and I’d ask them, “do you have the right property?”

4. Leave your contact information and I will personally call you back within the next day.

It’s easy to get access to FSBO, expired listings, 90+ DOM, pre-foreclosures, etc. I would market to these potential sellers and send them to my 24 hour recorded message.

Today, I do the same thing but it’s all online and VERY attention grabbing!!


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