Where can I obtain a list of expired listings?

Where can I obtain a list of expired listings?

Hello DG Fam,

I have a question. Does anyone know a way of obtaining expired listings? Also, a list of properties that are free and clear?

Thanks in advance for the feedback.


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You can contact any realtor or broker and ask them to run the expired listings for you. They may be reluctant unless you have a relationship with them. They are working on commission and usually run the list themselves to try to get new listings. In regards to the free and clear properties, contact your local county assessor and they should be able to tell you if they may be able to assist you. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Indiana-Joe


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I needed to know the same answer to the question you ask. Thanks Indiana Joe I will do just that. A class I took they told us that we needed to search for expired listings cause these could be motivated sellers. See ya at the top everyone. GOD Bless


GOD first.

need the listng for the lowest price property

I am new to the this and I am looking for assistance in locating a listing of properties at the lowest price for resale. I currently have the buyers interested with funds available to invest. Thank you very much...Merida Juvier

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