Recommendations PLEASE!

Recommendations PLEASE!

Hello everyone,

I received Dean's book 'Profit From Real Estate Right Now', 2 days ago and finished reading this afternoon. I will continue to re-read and study as needed for as long as is needed.

Not to say that I don't intend on taking action, thats certainly not the case. I'm anxious to begin implementing the strategies I've just learned.

I am absolutely in the no money, bad credit boat. Regrettably, because I would love to join Dean's coaching program. However, until I am able to close my 1st deal, I don't even have funds for marketing.

I don't currently have a full-time job, and living off my 1 weekend a month w/ the New Hampshire Army National Guard isn't anywhere near enough. Not to mention I have my 1st child on the way!

I have joined a REI group in my area to begin networking and will be attending my 1st meeting 2 weeks from now. That being said, I was hoping for some advice.

Considering I don't have so much as a penny at my dispense right now, what are/is the most successful form(s) of free advertisement? What type(s) of deal should I shop for 1st?

I'm going to get on Craigslist and also find free classified ads to start. I figured I could try looking for investors and a mortgage broker thru Craigslist.

Hopefully soon I will be able to set up a 24-hour recorded message, get business cards and flyers made, and order some bandit signs.I'm also going to look into setting up my free website when I get up tomorrow.

I intend on contacting FSBO's, calling For Rent ads, and visiting my county courthouse to find Pre-Foreclosures and Foreclosures. I also intend on signing up w/ ForeclosureAlert as soon as I can afford.

As I don't currently have any investors lined up, am I wrong to assume I will be able to implement the 'IEE' system more successfully then focusing on 'Assignments' at this point in time?

Due to not yet having a RE Agent partner, I can't yet implement Matt Larson's "25-1" system. As soon as I do have an agent, then I will. But I haven't yet begun 'shopping' around. I'm hoping I can get connected w/ an agent thru the REI group I joined.

Well its 3:30am so I'm gonna end this to get some sleep. I think that covers most of what I'm wondering. Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help me out and THANK YOU DEAN!! Smiling




Any input will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


hey mike just thought i would drop u a note again.graigslist is a great free site to advertise for investors and or look for agents,brokers,houses for sale or anything.when u do set it up u will no doubt recieve other sites from people just giving you info as they have found works for them .just driving aroud your town and calling on fsbo's will give you leads and experience !!talking to people and telling them you are an investor will start to bring you leads for most of the things you are looking for . i know it is alot to take in after you read the books. you want to do everything TODAY!! i think that feeling is normal for most of us being that we have access to this great knowdledge from for the iee or assignment in my own personal opinion i would try to become familiar with one or two strategies that fits your financial position at this point.also yopu may want to contact a few companies online or otherwise that advertise or offer for 100 or more free business cards to check them out before you buy more!! they r out there u just have to look .sorry so long hope that helps. keep at it mike !!


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Hello Mike,

I would say with your current situation there are several roads you can attack.

Start small with something like "bird dogging"
This is always a good way to get your investor's eyes to spot properties and learn how to research properties for FMV, it wouldn't hurt to supply investors with as many numbers as you can such as you learning the estimated closing costs, holding costs,repair costs etc. and also you can make some quick cash while your at it Smiling always make sure there is as large as a profit margin as you can get.

As far as IEE you may want to go down the assignment road (much easier) you'll find dealing with home buyers that they sometimes get picky once they have some financing Eye-wink.

Finding investors is not a difficult task. Get creative and create a good free craigslist ad looking for investors. Your on the right track by going to the investor clubs (go confidently and talk) you'll find that there are plenty of investors that are willing to help and give advise. Find out what there looking for and where they are interested in.

Hope this helps..



Hi Mike,
Sounds like your starting off on the right track! There is alot of us starting off in the same situation. No funds and feel like the road to recovery is long. Well I'm writing you to tell you there is a way out! I say it over and over to myself everyday. We're in the right place at the right time. 30 years in the sales field. Selling everything that man has ever created. I have worked arond the clock, 7 days a week. Living off three hours of sleep. I not saying this to brag or anything like that. I'm saying this because I know in my heart this is a sure thing. This is a chance of a life time. Just look at how long it took to get to this point in life. We will probally in our life never see anything like this again. There is a true need for what we are offering. And when there is a need there is opportunity for fulfillment. Real estate is the best investment of all times. Let's get rid of all self doubt and take control of this life changing event. I say event because this is a wonderful gift given to us. All we have to do is accept the leadership that is offered by Dean. This is not a road he hasn't traveled. I believe in him. Most of all I believe in me. I will not allow anyone or anything to push me off this track. So what I'm asking of you is. Are you going for the ride? Keep focused. Your doing all you can do with what you have. Reward yourself for making the changes that you've made so far. Believe and all things will follow. Continued success...........Lubertha




Hi, I would also try the free newspapers in your area like Pennysaver,American Classifieds, and also websites like Backpage and Kijiji.

Lubertha, I always enjoy your post,always very positive...Thanks

Thank you!

I appreciate the feedback guys thank you much!

KBlue (or anyone for that matter):
Could you give me some information on "bird dogging" and its implementation? I understand what it is, however I don't know much about placing a "bird dog" deal together. 'Profit From Real Estate Right Now' mentions "bird dogging" but doesn't go into much detail.

I'll perform my due diligence by researching this technique, but if you could provide me w/ some feedback I would greatly appreciate it. Any advice/info is gladly welcomed!

Thanks again!


Thank you, as always, for your positive feedback! It's always appreciated.

Thank you for the resources, I intend on using Kijiji, but the others are new to me. Much appreciated!


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