Real Estate Marketing - Integrate Your Efforts for Maximum Response

Real Estate Marketing - Integrate Your Efforts for Maximum Response

By Brandon Cornett
Integrated marketing sounds pretty scientific. That's probably why some real estate marketers get a glazed look in their eyes when the topic is mentioned.

But in reality, integrated marketing is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. It can also do great things for your real estate marketing program as a whole.

My objective with this article is to take you beyond understanding integrated marketing and well on your way to using it ... well on your way to enjoying the results.

So What is Integrated Marketing?
Here's a definition I found online: "Integrated Marketing: The practice of blending different elements of the communication mix in mutually reinforcing ways."

Let's simplify that a little. Integrated marketing is what happens when various real estate marketing channels (web, print, email, etc.) work together to achieve a common goal. The "working together" part is critical, and it prompts me to create a title and definition of my own.

"Integrated" is a past-tense word. It suggests something that has already happened and is done with. It's not forward-thinking.

So let's call it "cooperative marketing."

Here's the main principle of cooperative marketing:
The individual parts cooperate to achieve more than they could achieve on their own. In other words, the whole is stronger than the sum of its parts.

Cooperative Marketing in Action - Real Estate Marketing
Let's say you're a real estate agent who focuses on buyers mostly. The goal of your direct marketing campaign is to generate emails and phone calls from potential clients. (An excellent goal, since statistics have shown most people end up hiring the first real estate agent they contact).

To persuade your prospects to contact you, you've offered a free home-buyer's kit. Here's how cooperative marketing can help you achieve your goal:

You send a direct mail postcard to your real estate farming area. The postcard showcases the free (and valuable) home-buyer's kit you've created. It provides clear instructions on how to obtain the guide.

The postcard also features a small image of the information kit's cover (a further enticement) and directs the reader to a section of your website where they'll find an excerpt of the info kit.

Having nothing to lose, they read the excerpt. They like what they see because, of course, you've chosen the two best pages for the excerpt.

All they have to do now is call or email you to get the free report ... which, hopefully, they do.

The info kit also functions as a high-value business card, because you were smart enough to include your contact information in it.

And if the recipient shares the kit with friends, you've extended your marketing reach without any extra effort.

Now that's cooperative marketing.

On its own, a real estate marketing postcard cannot convey much information. But when it entices the reader with a promise of value, and points the reader to a website where that value can be obtained, the postcard gains a whole new level of effectiveness. Cooperative marketing achieved.

On its own, a real estate website can offer valuable information. But your potential clients will never know it's there, unless they stumble across it. The marketing postcard puts the website in front of them, and it gives them a specific reason to visit. Cooperative marketing achieved.
Lastly, don't mistake the word "cooperative" with "dependent." The postcard doesn't depend on the website for success -- nor the opposite. Each channel is capable of generating a response on its own. They're just capable of a lot more when they cooperate.

Direct marketing (and real estate marketing in general) is rarely a one-shot deal. The whole is stronger than the parts. The parts cooperate to achieve the common goal.


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Nice Article!

Speaking of marketing, I can't tell the site exactly what we have in the works, but marketing on the web for REI with our system has never been easier or more effective... stay tuned. Eye-wink


Thanksl for all the marketing articles and information. I believe I learned mroe about marketing on the DG website than the 2 courses that I had taken in school. Thanks for keeping us up to date with this information. Everyone is excited and can't wait to see what comes next. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Joe Jurek CPA

Nice! Good Job!

Good Job! Marketing is so important and with out a dought a subject that you can not learn enough about.

Really good information.

Really good information. Thanks for your insight. Funny how several single and simple methods, when combined become a powerhouse. Just like our business.


All the Best in Life!


Nicely done!!

Thanx for the insight, I appreciate learning about every possible strategy available. Sounds like a marriage between "a one stop shop" and "networking".

"Don't cry, aim high"
Rod Smiling

Mr jensen

Thanks thats really good info just like a domino effect i'm really going to remember that info when I do a creative flier or cards to give to put my self and my service out to the public.THANKS


Thank you for the great information, very intriguing!

Can't wait for the next wave in the Blitz, Admin! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins


I believe I found an excellent example this morning, from Dean himself!

While encouraging you to sign up for next weeks tele-seminar, he offers his Funding Report. Therefore by encouraging one he is doing the same for the other. Obviously one is not reliant upon the other, seeing how both are and will be packed with useful information (It would be very unwise to miss out on either!).

Does this count? Smiling
-Mike Hutchins


We are having our hundred (100) year celebration of the founding of the town we live in an excellent oppourtunity to reach people not only locally but from out of state. I printed up a bunch of note cards to place at local events that were specific to the weekend so I can track the outcome. Not only for investors and private money but for buyers. I would not have even thought of it if Jeff hadn't posted the blogs about direct mail and postcards. Thanks Jeff

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I did purchase the Edge Package & wow Dean is really hooking us up with some awesome materials that you can use in marketing your business better. Thanks to Dean, I am able to save a lot of time on creating marketing stuff to get people replying back to me. Order the Edge package by tonight while you still have time before the order link is removed completely, take a leap of faith & just do it, theirs two choices to choose when you order so pick one fast.

For all of you who have already ordered, share your input on it to encourages others to jump in before it's too late.

Keep reaching your goals,
John A.


Thanks to everyone who shares their experiences and ideas about REI. I am so excited to be a part of the DG family. There has been a delay with my Edge order, I hope to get it soon.

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