Finding homes( Listings)

Finding homes( Listings)

Need help please, Two questions. 1.Can someone tell me where to find up to date home listings? 2.Also I would like to know the difference between Foreclosure Alert and Foreclosure Finder?


finding homes

it is hard to get accurate listings since so many homes are going unsold and people list with other agents. You could try they aren't 100% but they are free and at least it gives you some anchor point.




Ask local REA to set you up

Ask local REA to set you up with a certain criteria and they will send you daily e-mails or phone calls with new properties.


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You can find homes listed by a realtor on sveral websites. If you are working with a realtor they usually have their website tied to the Multiple listing Services (MLS). Normally homes for sale by owner are not listed on-line on the MLS, you need to find FSBOs driving the neighbors or in the local papers.

Dean assisted with the creation of "The Foreclosure Alert" system see page 99 in Dean's book "Profit from Real Estate Right Now." There are several foreclosure services available but most other services will probably charge higher monthly fees. Good luck with real estate investing. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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You might want to check out craigslist, they have people listing homes everyday. Also is a good site to see homes recently listed.



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Try this website, I always use or go to
I hope this helps and good luck.
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Sorry wrong address is:

re: Finding home(listings)

You can find FSBO in newspaper-their online classified ads as well, thrifty nickel & penny saver papers, word of mouth (is good way) thru other people (i.e. mail man/women) and Google "for sale by owner sites". Of course sites such as,,,, well known craigslist (other investors [and/or brokers] are on there selling their properties too), and few other sites that were mention. There numerous ways of finding listings. Take a look even in your county records, for owners of distress houses and/or other properties that are boarded up that you come across. Get in contact with them and see if they're willing to sell to you. God Bless in you REI.


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Try this totally free website to find foreclosure leads and REO's, there is no charge. link below, Hope this helps all!

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