My #1 Tactic For Finding Buyers

My #1 Tactic For Finding Buyers


Want a new method for finding buyers, that you CAN'T get from anywhere else?

It's a tactic I have used for years and it's a playoff of the reverse cowgirl that I put in another post. Except this time you don't need to deal with pain in the butt realtors (i'm a realtor by the way, but I do understand) that won't return calls. Are you ready?

1. Go to the HUD website for you state.
2. Go to the Bid Statics page and write down the addresses every week of homes that have sold to investors. They will be the Non-owner occupied homes.
3. After a few weeks these deals will all be closing.
4. Go to your tax records and find out who bought them.
5. Contact those people.

This method cut's through the B.S because you will be tracking Non-Owner Occ sales. Which are investors, which will make you lots of money.

Best of all once you start tracking you will have a fresh updated list of the newest buyers every single week.

Good luck guys!


finding buyers

i posted on craigslist for buyers and all i got was a bunch of spam, not one buyer. has anyone used craigslist with results? i really need to get a buyersa list together so i feel more confident to start making offers on properties. i'll try your idea eric. thanks for the information. perry

Thanks Eric

for the great info! We will give this a try.

pdawg - we have advertised on craigslist for buyers with some results. We get more responses on ads that are run Fri, Sat & Sun. We have tried different kinds of ads some work better than others but we usually get some kind of response and are building our buyers list. I've noticed from the different posts on this website that different parts of the country get different responses from C-list.

Thanks for the tip

Thanks for sharing. That is really a great tip to find real buyers! I will do this next for sure.



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Good Stuff

Hey Thats really Good info Eric

Thanks For the heads up

God Bless

Gerard Doret


I just tried it out and returned only 1 result for all of Boston.
Am I doing something wrong?



Buyers list

Thank you Eric for sharing that info. I'am also building my buyers list. I have tried craiglist and did not get any call. I will try this tomorrow.
Thank you. More success!!


Great post!

Thanks for the great info. I will have to try this out for my area. I am also trying to build my buyer's list so that I can start making offers on some of the properties I've been finding on craigslist, kijiji and backpage.

Keep up the great work and I wish you much success!



Rick Merritt
Trident Realty, LLC

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Eric, please help

I went to the Mississippi HUD page, but I can't find the Bid Statistics information. Is there a specific heading or subject link I should look under?

Thanks for any help,



Rick Merritt
Trident Realty, LLC

Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; Strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts. --Og Mandino

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Thanks for putting in the time to share that with us. I'm going to give it a try.


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Eric thanks

just wanted to say thanks Eric, that is great info...

good hunting

Thank you for sharing Eric.

Thank you for sharing Eric. That is something i never thought of.
good luck with your investing

Thanks for the info, but a question

Hey Eric,

Thank you so much for the extremely helpful info. I'm sure this will help a lot of us here on including myself.

Just one question though. Could you please explain how we go about getting to the "Bid Statistics" information, and the "tax records" information? I have been trying to find this information but can't. Any help would be greatly appreciated Smiling

Thanks a bunch,
SuperMoneyMan Cool

buyers list/HUD

Great idea, thanks for sharing! It makes alot of sense and I'm going to try it. I'll post back later & let you know how it worked out in NJ

I'm going to the HUD page right now!

What a great idea, Eric, and thank you for sharing it with all of us. Just another example of thinking of different ways to build a buyer's list. Wonderful!

Nancy D.


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Will try! Thanks, Eric.

Will try!
Thanks, Eric.

Great info! Thanks Eric! I'm

Great info! Thanks Eric! I'm going there now. Smiling



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Thanks for the idean Eric. I am going to give it a try. Very clever.

Thanks again!

Great Tactic

Thanks for the tip Eric, I am going to do this today!


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Does Anyone Know

what I'm doing wrong? When I go to the hud website I'm not finding bid stastics or maybe I'm just confused about what I'm finding. Here is one of the hud links I found but it isn't from hud's website the other one is

I appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you.

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Finding Buyers

Hi Eric
In regard to a buyers list, you could offer the Agent an additional 3% if he or she finds the buyer for you. That's if you don't have a buyer lined up, or you could find another Agent and give them the same offer.

Happy Hunting


Thanks for the tip and the information. The more resources we discover the more optiosn we will have when it comes to making more deals. Good luck on all your deals. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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Thanks Eric

Wow, that is a great idea! Another great example of taking a problem and thinking outside the box for a solution. I will definately see if I can master this technique. I am tryin to build a buyers list now. Thanks again!

HUD sites for buyers

Thanks ERIC!

Lea I didn't go to your links but my suggestion is to google HUD again and look for a website that is .gov not .com. See if that gets you there

Thank you Eric! Wonderful

Thank you Eric! Wonderful idea and makes a lot of sense


I couldnt find bid statics on the HUD site. Could someone give a bit more info on this. I really need a buyers list. (bad) lol


for your help Theresa. I found and then found a city index for NHMS (tower auction.) It lists some houses in our area and I've been keeping an eye on them. None have sold yet.

SPR Property Solutions, LLC

You read my mind : )

Gives new meaning to "ask and you shall receive" eh?

Thanks rock!


Hi everyone. I am new to the site. I love all the wonderful information that everyone are contributing. However, I am having the same problem with building my buyer's list. I've tried to get bid statistics on HUD from Georgia but can't seem to find it. Any suggestions??


Last year I gathered about 6 buyers using this web site. Try it!




good advice throughout. my

good advice throughout. my suggestion would be to try and some sort of deal with a local estate agent, get them to push your name and you pay them a little commision.


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