Any bird-dogs in North Jersey?

Any bird-dogs in North Jersey?


I guess this is the right place to put this.

I will pay good money for bird-dogs who bring
FSBO's to my attention (the ones I assign that is).
I am only doing assignments not closing on anything
myself .. Not now anyway ..

If interested please send me an email.

Kind Regards,


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John Morrison Jr.

bird dogger

I am not in New Jersey but in Maryland. I live on the Eastern shore near all of the beaches. Ocean City, Rehobeth, Dewey... etc. I am willing to do work with any Investors. Which part of Jersey are you in? Are you willing to do any investing out of state?

The properites for sale out here range from foreclosures to REO's to FSBO's. The properties in the beach areas provide great rental income for summertime.
Some of the properties go for 1500 or more weekly!! I have been doing research in this and other areas for about 4 months. Some porperties have decreased in price drastically and still havent been sold.

Pls contact me if you are interested in working together or if u just have any information that you would be willing to share.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation

Julian Thomas
Jazzy Properties LLC.



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