Seller's Home is $170ish needs work...what shall I do? Investor??

Seller's Home is $170ish needs work...what shall I do? Investor??

I found an owner who's property is in a town where the average 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home goes between $220 and $245k...this one is on busy street so something comes off price....needs maybe $10-15k of new flooring, outside paint and remodeling inside kitchen...

If I could get under contract for $170k is it worth finding an Investor for $180k or will they expect more of a return? I'd make $10k on assignment and I have several investors...I wouldn't tell them where property was until I have signed contract with owner to protect myself from someone going around me, right?

Maybe I should try and a $160k by explaining fixes and see if he bites? Single owner wants to move so he's hungry and has NO MORTGAGE...

Thanks for a little help and advice on how to approach this one!!!


136 final offer

If your buyers total cost is 160k,They will have a 30% off ARV deal.It seems to be 30% off of ARV is average for some what good/good locations.All I can see are your numbers and only you know through your marketing and net-working what kind of deal you have.It does seem you can do a lease/option or land contract?

Your doing good!...Ghost Ad that puppy!!!



Invest in yourself!

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