I have been doing direct marketing and its working.

I have been doing direct marketing and its working.

I have sent a letter I wrote up from scratch and have mailed it out to everyone on the foreclosures list in my area. The list had 189 people. I sent a letter to about 170 people. I got 8 calls from the the letter. I am now working with 3 people in doing a shortsale as we speak. 2 of them the realtors are working with me and letting me talk to the homeowners in doing what I need to do. So all parties are cooperating.

I posted an ad on craigslist last night and got 3 calls today in interest. I now know the investors that called are willing to pay what I had the property on their selling for. I know they will go a little higher if they have to, to get this property. It was a ghost ad. SoI am just letting you folks know that these things work. I send at least 10-30 mailings a day out. Just gotta stick to it people. I expect more calls to be coming in soon. All the folks that called me are set for the sheriff sale the 26th of this month and are desperate. So I am doing my best. I know I can get all these homes wholesaled, I am not worried at all about that. Just need the banks to comply. I am working at it to make it a no-braimer for them to accept my offer. Don't quit folks keep reading and doing. It will work out. Its suppose to. Believe that.


I got my mind made up.....

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way to go king

Way to go and congratulation in such good work. How did you get the info about the foreclosures and maybe the letter you wrote to give us an idea. In my area foreclosures are very very few which is hard to believe but the market here is tough and it is very seldom that one comes up and when one does I have contact with the local banks for when this does happen. I recently received a list of short sales in the southern part of the state and there are some good deals on this too I am going to be checking in on as well. Keep up the good work and drive on and keep us informed how it all goes and what you did.


Like they say, "There are many ways to skin a cat."

You are definitely thinking outside the box, please keep us updated on your progress. God Bless.



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Great Job!!


I wanted to ask you if you could please type up a copy of the ghost ad you did on craigslist? Just so I can get an idea? And congrats with your technique that's how we get e"r done!!

Much continued success,
Gorgeous Frazier

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