GoldBar-Gary's direct mail marketing 101

GoldBar-Gary's direct mail marketing 101

Growing up, I used to LOVE receiving postcards in the mail from my grandma when she and my grandpa were away on vacation. They would send me a postcard about every three days until they returned. I enjoyed those postcards because it made me feel as if I were there with them and it brought joy to my day.

Postcards are the mail that everyone reads! All you have to do is see the front, flip it over, and read the quick 5-7 sentence postcard and that's that!

I've applied this simple strategy into my direct marketing and I've been asked to provide some additonal insight on how I do it and what I write on them. You asked, so you shall receive:

Postcard one: ( My initial postcard to the owner of a vacant house)

Dear (NAME),

While I was driving through the neighborhood, I noticed your house was empty at ( their address). Are you interested in selling it or would you at least consider selling it to me for cash? I'm a real estate investor and I buy housing for cash. I work with cash buyers that I have partnered with and together we are able to close on houses VERY quickly. If interested please email me at .......@**** or call me at xxx-xxx-xxx. I look for to your reply.

Gary D. Rabatin

NOTE: I will look up the property information to see if they have a different mailing address than the actual house. If so, then I send this postcard to their actual mailing address. If I am unable to find their new mailing address, I'll just send it to the house address hoping that they've provided the post office with a forwarding address. Sometimes they do and sometimes that don't so it's hit or miss but it's more HIT THAN MISS so try this approach anyways.

Postcard two ( send this out on Day two )

Hey (name),

I just wanted to follow up with you in case my first postcard get lost in the mail. I am interested in your lovely home located at (address) and wanted to know if you are interested in selling it? No I'm note an agent, I'm an investor and I buy housing for CASH. If you're currently dealing with a sticky housing situation that has caused you to relocate, that's perfectly fine because I'd still be willing to buy your house if it meets my criteria. Please email me at ...........@**** or call me at xxx-xxx-xxx. I look forward to your reply.

Gary D. Rabatin

NOTE: Look up the tax records to see if the house is delinquent on back taxes because they may have got behind on paying taxes so your next letter, yes the third piece is a HAND WRITTEN LETTER stating something like this:

Dear (owner),

Hello again, it's Gary ( the guy that would like to buy your lovely house) and I noticed that there are back taxes owed on your property at 1234 Elm St. in the amount of $15,833.23 and I would like to pay off your back taxes AND put a few thousand dollars back in your back in exchange for the deed to your property. We can do a quit claim deed ( I LIVE IN NY so it may be different in your state, not sure) which will essentially transfer the property from you to me. By doing this, you won't have to worry about your house getting vandalized or getting letters from the tax commissioner's office demanding that you pay them their money.

All I'm doing is providing you with some options should you decide to sell. Please consider this option because I'll be able to keep this offer on the table for the next 45 days so you have some time to decide on whether or you would like to move forward and sell your house. I have an agent that I pay directly so they is need for you to have to find an agent to close on the property or even worry about my agent pulling 6% of the purchase price from the sale because I pay him directly. If you would like to consider doing this or have questions, just call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

I look forward to your call. Talk to you SOON!

Gary D. Rabatin

NOTE: you will want to hand write this to make it more personal and you want to send it in an envelope because you don't want the world to see the contents of what you wrote so a postcard is not a good option here.

This is just a glimpse at what I'm doing here in Orange County, NY so feel free to get creative and begin your direct marketing campaign NOW. No, not tomorrow, not after the children go to bed next Wednesday, NOW.


Have a great Memorial Day Weekend DGers.


Gary Rabatin
Certified Cash Flow Consultant
Founder & President of Gold Bar Funding Group L.L.C.
Private Real Estate Investor
"Building Wealth by the Numbers"

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