Lease option assignments

Lease option assignments

I saw a paid advertisement or at least part of it describing a program where you assigne lease purchase options and network motivated sellers and lease purchase option buyers. Can't seem to find anything on the site about this. Anyone know anything about this?


lease option assignments

I think I'm the guy you're talking about. Please ask away if you have any questions whatsoever. I'll do my best to relate the answers to Dean's products.
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Adam King

I can vouch for Adam

Hi Jack, my name is Jamar. I got reintroduced to real estate through Dean's infomercial. I own Dean's last 3 books. I ordered Adam's course back in April after watching his videos on youtube. He has the least expensive lease option niche course that I have found. His course is under $50. All other lease option courses I have seen run between $100 up to $1000. His course is full of valuable information (no filler). it comes with all the contracts you need. He can show how to get an attorney to review all your contracts for dirt dirt cheap. After you order Adam's course he will answer all your questions for free through email (so you have an email mentor.) Just like Dean, Adam is a real stand up guy. He stands behind his product 100%. The only thing that will be standing in your way is you. I wish I could have met Adam and Dean 13 years ago when I first got excited about real estate. Instead I ordered a William McCorkle course that left a sour taste in my mouth about real estate "guru's". Dean and Adam are going to be two of the few guys that are going to give the real estate "guru's" a good rep again. If you are interested in learning more about lease options assignments then you should order Adam's course. With Dean and Adam in your corner you won't fail unless you fail to take action. Taking baby steps is better than not taking any steps at all.

Re: lease options contracts

Forum students; Does anyone out there no how to access the Free Contracts we used to be able to get thru Dean's website? I am getting close to FINALLY doing a Lease Option deal and now I can not access the Form's website even though I have paid $6,280 (Success Academy) + Book costs?



Try looking on the left side of your screen that says Students Resources click on Forms and Docs meaning Documents. Great Success On All Your Endeavors Aloha Cecelia

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