Graphic Tools for REI by JJD - #2 - FREE Website Site List

Graphic Tools for REI by JJD - #2 - FREE Website Site List

Create a "FREE" website for each of your REI properties.

Just Like I did here:

This extensive list that I have compiled in downloadable .PDF format of ACTIVE Sites, will direct you to some of the dandiest tools and resources available on the www World Wide Web. Use them for creating, hosting, placing ads, placing autoresponders, placing your Sift, Sort, Screen sytems and strategies. OR Utilize them to create an independent website for each of your various REI properties to reach more "potentials" Locally, Regionally, Nationally or even Globally.

More to Come



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Nice list !

Thanks Jason -- valuable info at our fingertips.

Randy S.
Elkton , MD

Grrrrrreat job Jason

Thanks for the info. People helpling people, Gotta love it.


thank you

Appreciate the help and guidance of the Dean G family.

Your All Welcome

Once Again, You are All Very Welcome Smiling
I will do my best to upload the resources I've created, use or come across.
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JJD - Website

Thanks for the information on the website,this will be a big help.

whurndon (Thanks again)


WOW! Your website is so impressive!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. Smiling


My Pleasure

William, Angela, & All The DG Family,

You guys are Great! Thank You!, You are Most Welcome!
No Problem!

Enjoy in Good Health!

Thank you so much

So nice of you to share. Blessing to you.



new here

i am really interestedin learnin all this ,an would be glad to hear any helpful hints gettin started seems to be fun. samone65

Re: Thank you so much

Renae wrote:
So nice of you to share. Blessing to you.


Likewise to You 100 fold!, Enjoy in Great Health!


Re: new here

samone65 wrote:
i am really interestedin learnin all this ,an would be glad to hear any helpful hints gettin started seems to be fun. samone65


When posting, please try to keep in "topic" to the posts here.

A GREAT place to start and find a wealth of information would be:



Thanks Again!

JJD, for sharing your talents and resources. I look forward to utlizing them.



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Thank you - I'm trying to start out

... by spending as little as possible on adds and marketing.

I like online too.

Re: Thanks Again & Thank You

Kim & M.A.E.,

You are most very welcome!
Enjoy, and more importantly, put ALL the great resources here in the DG Community to work for You!

Great Success on Your Journies!


Good info!


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Re: Thanks


I'm so glad you are enjoying!
Keep Up the Great Work & Great Success on Your Journey!


Jason! WOW! its unbelievable

WOW! its unbelievable how many websites you got! It looks like you are taking internet-nechnology into consideration lol! )) are websites sorted from best and so on? Personally, i don't have one running yet, can't decide which website should i pick to build and who should host, however, i envision having a mini personal real estate-ebay:) website for investors to bit on my deals around the country! Do you own the property on the website or do you have it under a contract? do you introduce investors to your site and do you have much success at it?
Thank you!

Re: WOW! its unbelievable


Sounds like a Superb site idea! Tons of various ways to go about it. Look into the hosting aspect, a lot of great services out here. Most of All...Have Fun with it!

Great Success on Your Journey!

Thank you. . .


I believe this is going to be a very usefull tool. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jason Haven't checked them

Jason Haven't checked them out yet but I am sure they are wonderful as all your stuff is. Thank you

Jim Kendrick


Thanks, this will sure be helpful to me. Thanks for taking time off your busy schedule to share with us.
Continued Success To you Jason,

Re: thank you...


You are very welcome, Enjoy in the Greatest of Health!


thanks for shairing- new here

I want to start a web to list the homes
this can work using a squeeze page to drive traffic - am I right?
Need more learning to get this done but can see a real benefit.


Re: thanks for shairing- new here


You are quite correct about the "squeeze" page. Directing Pages, and Call to Action pages as they are sometimes referred to, do the work for you, while you are doing something else. It is a WIN, WIN, WIN by me. You can employ these pages, sites or pops to get calls, sell property, sell items, gather info etc.
The possibilities are endless!

Blessings 100 fold Back to You!!!


This list is very helpful! Thanks Jason. You helped me move one step closer to success!



Re: Wonderful


You are ever so welcome!
Keep Up the Great Work and God Bless!

Thanks a Lot

You did it again, you shared yourself and your time. Thanks a lot And have a great day. Will put to good use...John


""Allways thinking outside the box""

Guidance please?

Great list of sites Jason. I know this thread is a year old now but I just discovered it as I am looking into creating a site for screening deals. This is never an old subject either.

So if you wouldn't mind, and if it's not an unreasonable request, would you steer me towards a free (or cheap) website creation site and hosting service for the purpose of collecting property details and seller info to screen deals. I have looked at godaddy since I have my business email and domain already with them. I checked out, just because I was already on the site for something else, that seemed way inferior to but it could take forever to investigate all these other services such as on your list. If you could save me a ton of time by pointing me in the right direction I would super appreciate it.

I know a lot of others would probably also benefit as well.

Oh one more thing, I was wondering if there is anything I should do or put into place to protect my prospects since I am gathering all this info from them. This may be a silly question and I may be concerned for nothing but if I don't ask I will never know. I want anyone filling out a questionaire online to be and feel safe.



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Re: Guidance please?

Although there are plenty of free open source tools out there for creating websites you must search on the internet. As I can not advocate a "single" one here.........there are just way too many.

Good Luck in Your Journey!

Thanks so much!

Jason, thank you for your time, knowledge and resources. It is very much appreciated! Can't wait to check out the sites you've provided for us.


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