Graphic Tools for REI by JJD - #4 - FREE REI BUSINESS CARDS

Graphic Tools for REI by JJD - #4 - FREE REI BUSINESS CARDS

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Some of You have been emailing, messaging and Asking about BUSINESS CARDS.

There have been numerous posts, articles and questions encompassing the task of: Making, Printing, Lead Generation, Ghosting of REI Business Cards.

!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY! HERE THEY ARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Download, Preview, Print, Save, Customize, Mix N Match.

The Possibilities are Endless!......Well maybe not endless. But, with a Dozen of Ready to Rock N Roll, Real Estate Investment REI Business Cards at YOUR disposal you can certainly create an enormous amount of combinations. NOW, make sure you use these combinations to draw and generate leads you are interested in. If you are looking to Buy decent property that needs minimal or no work you wouldn't necessarily need to use the "Handyman" versions. I think you get my drift.

What I've done here is created a small variety of different TYPES, STRATEGIES, DEMOGRAPHIC and LOOKS for everyone here in the DG Community to use.

Another hidden plus is that if enough of the cards get around, seen on a national level, the marketability of using them can be quite impressive. Give or Take.

There is a .PDF and a .JPG attachment for these cards.

Here are a few of my other resourceful links:


Much Thank You!

Well Thank You So Much!
I just absolutely LOVE to Give Back and Help to my Fellow REI

Business Cards

JJD, GREAT business cards!

Thank you for sharing.


Kurt A. Conway, MSHA, President
The Conway Financial Group, LLC
Real Estate Investor

Hey, No Problem


You are Very Welcome! Enjoy

how does one print these

HI, I have Avery blank business cards in form 8871 which is 10 per sheet. Your image is three cards across though and will not work with my forms as they are only 2 across. Can you put up a different format for a sheet of 2 across and 5 down with no space in the vertical center of the page?



No Problem, let me see what I can do

Thank You

Wow, Your fast!

See Links & Downloads at Top (Beginning Thread)


See the links at top for the Avery Formatted Styles.
No Problem, Enjoy! and Most Of All.........Have Fun!


I must just be too tired because I still can't make them fit right. Copy and paste doesn't do the trick for the jpeg and the pdf is off vertically.

I haven't tried to print cards for a long time. Maybe I forgot. I'm going to bed. will try tomorrow or else I'll have to come up with something similar off of Avery's design and print.


No Problem

Always here to Help my fellow DG Community members !

missed it by that much

great work on those designs. My wife and I had been thinking about card designs for a couple of days and came up with our own. I wish I had found yours first looks alot better than mine. We had a REI group meeting, our first one and needed some cards fast oh well live and learn. Anyway, thank you


You Are Very Welcome


You're always very welcome! And, You can always Use yours and these, mix, match, vary and "play" with all of them to see what works well for YOU!
Then, please do not hesitate to post which ones have been gaining great results. ALL MEMBERS: Please let us here at DG know what cards have been producing "slammin'" results. I will then spin-off with those and create some fresh new designs.

Peace, Fun & Great Success on Your Journies

Business cards

I was going to buy some cards tonight, then when I saw yours,these are a lot of better. Thanks!

You Are VERY Welcome

No Problem!.........I Do Hope You Enjoy.........Great Success to You!

Thank you!!!


Thanks for all this great info. You are the best for taking time to share this with all of us. Happy investing!

Chesloe Properties, LLC


Chesloe Properties, LLC
Middlesex County, CT

Re: Thank you!!!


You Guys are Very Welcome, Enjoy, Hope it comes in handy and Helps!!!

At The Risk Of Parroting Others

I want to say thanks. You are such a giving person!

I have not started to use any of the cards/information. I am just amazed that you have choosen to give.

May God Bless You.

Thanks for Planting the seeds!


Re: At the Risk...........NO RISK


May God Bless You As Well..........100 fold!

You are Always Welcome!


These cards are fabulous!!!


Re: Thanks!


You are Quite Welcome
Use in Good Health and Have Fun!

Great Success on Your Journey!


Re: Will put to use


You are too Quite Welcome!
Enjoy and I wish you the results you are looking for!



For being such a giver,those cards are just awesome.I like what the Good Word Say's GIVE AND IT WILL BE GIVEN BACK TO YOU GOOD MEASURE PRESSED DOWN AND RUNNING OVER..May the Good Lord Bless You Jason Aloha Cecelia

Re: Thankyou


I will second the "Good Word" you speak of! Give and it WILL be given back to you plus so much more!

Enjoy in Great Health!
Great Success on Your Journey!


Thanks for the graphics

JJD thanks for the graphics, it helps not having to reinvent the wheel. Again thanks I am grateful, if there is anything I can help with don't hesitate to leave me a note.

Re: Thanks for the graphics


You are Most Welcome!
Enjoy in Great Health,

I will certainly take you up on your offer, just don't know when Smiling,



Thanks so much for your terrific cards.
Sharing our talents to help others is what the team approach is all about. I am proud to be a part of such a great group (even though I am new). Perhaps one day, I will have something for you.
Thanks again,


Mystical Marti

Persistence wins over Resistance, Every Time!

Re: Teamwork

kita57 wrote:
Thanks so much for your terrific cards.
Sharing our talents to help others is what the team approach is all about. I am proud to be a part of such a great group (even though I am new). Perhaps one day, I will have something for you.
Thanks again,


You are Soooo Very Welcome! It IS All About TEAMWORK!
We All hope to hear of your REI Success!



TampaBay/Central Florida


I have just read your entries and requests to hook up with Matt. I am located in Winter Haven and I would like to know if you and I could hook up. If you have a lot of experience, I am willing to work together with you so we both can make some money.

Tim (Captain777)


Keep on Keeping On !!! Expect it, God has already given it to you. You just need to get out there and grab it!
If you want to follow my journal:

Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Re: TampaBay/Central Florida


I am wrapping up a closing and will be situated down here amidst the wonderful rain Smiling in hurricane season Smiling within the next week. So........if you would like, Please send in a PM all of your contact info and we will see what we can do Smiling
I look forward to working with you.


Thanks Jason!

Appreciate you sharing your wonderful work with us. It is always a pleasure to see what great people we have here at DG. I am sure these will bring some good results. Best of luck on all your endevours.



All the Best in Life!


Re: Thanks Jason!


You are most very welcome!
Enjoy, and more importantly, put ALL the great resources here in the DG Community to work for You!

Great Success on Your Journey!

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