Craigslist advertising tips to find sellers?

Craigslist advertising tips to find sellers?

I was wondering if there were any special tricks to improve the odds of getting a seller to click on my CL ad and then call me. I figure the odds are small that I'll get a call from my CL ad but what the hell, doesn't hurt to try.

So what are the best ways of standing out and improving my odds. I am going to post an ad everyday for a month to see what happens?

What kind of luck have you all had with CL in regards to finding truly motivated sellers?


Craiglist is pitiful

they are full of b.s.; over a 3 day period last month i post 5 ads & 4 got rejected. By the way, did you see the B.S. that its owner ran on CNN recently; here is again:-

you should drum up a sufficient advertising budget to do what you want to do



I heard about CL's shady side

It's sad that CL allows this to happen yet people wanting to buy houses gets the cold shoulder. I have yet to have my ads rejected. I'm still posting one a day with no rejections but I don't doubt that "all of a sudden" they may have a problem with me.

I hope the authorities get on CL's case even more than ever. I mean, is CL getting ad revenue from these predator pimps or something?

what sort?

What response have you gotten from the ads you've posted?



gIANT AT tHe dOOR......The New Frontier.........

I believe that for most of us new investors, the idea is to learn one simple approach to buying and selling properties, study and learn from Dean's Book and members, and become an expert in that one simple transaction of real estate investing. And Folks, all an expert is, ..... is someone whom know more about a subject than the masses... or most other folk. Which technique do you find the most interesting based on your ability, money situation, time and opportunity ( location of where you are, access to courthose records and other experts in the field or area of your expertise ). Get your starship off the ground, then get a birds eye view of this investors market and drop bombs on the properties you like and want to work, help those whom know less and get properly rewarded for it. There is a Giant at the door of success, he will fight to the death to keep you out, you must take him down.... but here is the he really there, or do we just use the idea of this undefeated Giant to stay where we are?


Hi Joe,

I have not had a lot of luck locating sellers on C.L. through advertising for them, HOWEVER have you looked in the for sale by owner section? There are hundreds of sellers listed there, you just have to call. Also how about the for rent section?? Might be some distressed home owners or tired landlords in there! C.L. all around has been a great tool for our business. I have found many sellers (not from advertising for them) and all of my vacant property finders there. Also, advertising for buyers works pretty good on craigs list. Try real estate wanted and real estate services sections to advertise for cash buyers. Do you have a website to send them to?

Good luck!
Michael Mangham
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I haven't gotten any calls from my CL ad. I didn't post a public email so they have no choice but to call my cell number which I posted. I even made a 300x400 pixel image of my "Top Dollar PAID For Houses xxx-XXX-XXXX" in the post as well.

I'll keep posting daily until I get a call OR they just ban me from posting.

As far as the "giant at the door" post. I am not fighting that giant alone, I am working with a partner who has done tons of deals flipping as well as short-sales. So he's doing what he can to get me going.


it might help to have an alternate way to contact you besides a phone number. I think it has been shown that the majority of people do not like to call a number that they think they may have to talk to someone ----- that may sound strange if they are looking for what you offer, but it's true all the same.
I know that, even for me, I'm not likely to call someone but I'll e-mail them my initial query.

Making an email contact available could open up some more response. What do you have to lose if you try?



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Kudos michaelmangham & mspillman for the great advise dished on how to attract buyer & seller on CL. You've confirmed that it has & still works for veteran investors.

My first CL ad for buyers attracted some weirdos who didn't seem to actually read it, asking simply if I "still had that property?" I didn't say that I had one, and when I replied for contact, I never heard from them again.

Others who replied did so only to steer me to websites designed to simply gather addresses and info of sellers' properties. No chance to talk to an actual buyer with hopes of adding them to your list.

So, I'm gearing to try again with some other strategy, perhaps one more like Greg Murphy's, where you list a non-existent prop, tell callers they missed the boat, and that you'll call them first as soon as another boat sets to sail.

Keep working this media, JoeOh, 'cause it's hard to beat FREE MARKETING.


I agree with you BOR.....

"Kudos michaelmangham & mspillman for the great advise dished on how to attract buyer & seller on CL. You've confirmed that it has & still works for veteran investors."


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Thanks SirJohn, for the cosigning & the correction on "ADVICE". I checked out your JCS PROPERTIES website and bookmarked it, as I may be giving you a call for an upcoming assignment deal. Hopefully, we'll do great business together in the near future. Thanks for participating.

try making a ad = not just writing on CL

Try, you can make your ad LOOK like an ad. It's seems to help draw renters. I also made the "ad" then pasted it into "Word" and now I have flyers - that look nice. I wish someone would have told me about A LONG TIME AGO !!!
Just a thought.


That is good stuff right there. that motivated me! Thanks!

Thanks for the advice

Been wondering how to start on Craigs List. This recent information from all of you helps.

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