Thoughts to live by

Thoughts to live by

Follow your dream ...
If you stumble, don't stop
And lose sight of your goal,
Press on to the top.
For only on top
Can we see the whole view ...

Go forth today, anticipate goodness.
Create the kind of moments that will
Add beauty to your life.
~ Unknown

Somewhere along the line of development we discover
What we really are, and then we make our real decision
For which we are responsible. Make that decision
Primarily for yourself because you can never really
Live anyone else's life, not even your own child's.
The influence you exert is through your own life
And what you become yourself.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

To have someone who brings out the colors of life and
Whose very presence offers tranquility and
Contentment enriches my being and makes me
Grateful for the opportunity to share.

The smiling faces you encounter today --
Will assure you that all is well.
~ Unknown

As you look forward to the hours ahead, remember that
You control your actions toward others. If you want to
Be remembered fondly, you must treat each person so.
~ Unknown

I have found that sitting in a place where you have
Never sat before can be inspiring.


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