This System does work!!!

This System does work!!!

I am proud to say that I am working on my VERY FIRST DEAL!!! The owner contacted me before the holidays and is VERY MOTIVATED TO SELL. The property is an inheritance that he had received but is unable to pay the taxes on it. My husband and I are scheduled to meet with the owner to go over the terms of the sell. I am considering assigning this one. The one question that I have is what other searches should I be performing on this property? I don't want to leave out anything being as though I am so excited!!!


Great Job!

First of all you may want to get a real estate attorney involved to help you through the whole process. I always get an attorney involved and I have quite a few deals under my belt. Also, make sure the price you offer is low, in this market the lower the better. For example, if the house is worth $100,000 in perfect condition and it needs $10,000 in repairs, offer them $50,000 for the house. I love buying inherited houses! Get it done!


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Fingers Crossed for You

Sorry I am too inexperienced to give you my advice.
Rooting for you today though!
Good Luck!
Let us know how it goes.

May God bless you and guide

May God bless you and guide you. Just looking at your picture you inspire me.


Houston, Texas

Thank you

Just wanted to say thanks to you all for the continued support. Still trying to get the proper documentation for the property i.e. deed, will etc. This property was built in 1900's and it's pretty runned down but the land is worth its weight in gold. I'll keep you posted on how I make out.

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