live call and EDGE kit

live call and EDGE kit

I am glad I made it to this call. I purchased the Kit Dean offred us cant wait to get it. It was worth convincing my boss to let me leave work well I will see how it goes tomorrow when I show up but with this kit on the way I m sure I will come out on top!!!!

Great luck to everyone on their investments I will keep us all posted on my investment journey. This year is getting better and better I turned 21, I got involved with Dean's programs, I have a rental will a little cashflow after my payment, I just got the new EDGE kit and best of all my first baby boy will be born aug 27. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you all


Im glad I made it to the call

Congrats Robert on taking action and purchasing the edge kit. I also purchased the kit and I am very excited!!!
Best of luck!!

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